Friday, March 30, 2012

30.03.12 (Avyakt Murli of 1st April)
The reward of service is happiness
The final marks you receive based on the dharana (Inculcation of Divine qualities). Those who imbibe the divine qualities, they remain a natural yogi. To attain more marks, you have to imbibe for yourself what you teach others, have to check for yourself if you have imbibed them.
If  you cannot give knowledge, you can influence others by your nature (inculcation of divine qualities). If the mind is free of service, mind can have waste, it is good to have any type of service.If sometimes you don't get the chance of service,and if you get disturbed and make others disturbed, what type of reward you would get for that service.
The true service, love for service, service with everyone's blessing, the reward of such service is happiness. If you come into feelings in service, you call it as flu. Those who have flu go to sleep,they don't take food or keep quiet. One is, good wishes for service and other is having expectation of name, fame, this service is of selfishness.
At present, now,it is the time for you to receive offer of service.You need not go after service. Those who are truly serviceable,if they don't get any type of service, they can do service by their face and features by revealing the God-Father.
Let your face and feature give vision of God-Father, this is no.1service. It is not that I have to get service,I have to be given service, even this thought is of selfishness. Although you are very good at service but you are not that famous amongst the divine family, still God-Father has your name. When you have your name in the heart of God, what else you required?
If you have the name in the heart of God,then your name will be in number one at the final. God-Father keeps the account.If you are right and if you are not given the service, it is NOTED (considered wrong decision) by the God-Father.
If you take the chance by asking, what you have done is right, but still the marks are reduced. The account of Supreme Judge will be accurate. There are very subtle accounts, hence become one who do service without any selfishness. Have the feeling of benefitting others.
If you have a chance,and others feel they are more worthy and if you give that chance to others, you get their share also.You did not take the chance but offered to others, then you also receive a share.You have to become a true diamond, so know about this subtle accounts.Dont be careless. There is subtle way of keeping accounts, this machinery of accounts take place automatically.
Sometimes, God-Father keeps checking these accounts. There is direction by others, waste thoughts of self and thoughts about others. If you look at others, and after seeing them, the intellect thinks about others.Those who spend time on looking at others, when they would find time to look at their own self. Whatever happens, it becomes visible.The bigger, the gathering, more issues happen.
Many think,this must not happen. But if you think that , it should not happen, then why do you have to spend time on that? This is the test paper. The greater, the study is, that much big the test paper comes. To create a good atmosphere is also a paper. How much you keep yourself safe from direction of others and waste thoughts of others.
One is responsibility, by which you have to listen and hear with good wishes,that is good.But, if you see, listen and think by disturbing your stage, it should not be done. If you have responsibility, make the brake to apply full stop, strong. Take responsibility but at the same time check if you can apply full stop within a second. Or if you want to apply a full stop but it becomes comma,then you waste your time. So, check about this power to apply full stop.  If you don't have responsibility, don't see even if you see, don't listen even if you listen, be in the thoughts – introspection of self. So remain free from these three, the direction of others, waste thoughts by own self and the thoughts about others.
So, finish all three and become benefactor in one. Can you do that?  Will you become benefactor of your own children or few souls or will you become benefactor of many souls? Does it seem to be difficult?
God-Father has told you, how you attain marks and how you lose the marks. If you want to attain a number, make your effort.Still the seats are not fixed except the world Mother and world Father. Keep your speciality in your awareness. If you see yourself special , special in the whole world cycle, you have special role to play. No religious founders are worshipped like the deities – religiously. The statues of politicians are kept in hot sun.
To the Kumaris: Will you create wonders? If you have bondages, create souls who can create wonders. Those who are free from bondages, Father says, the date  is coming to an end, date will not be revealed, so, create your fortune. If you have bondages, at the lease create one soul like you within a year.
Where is the lioness of Punjab. Punjab is known as lioness. You lioness must come forward to do service.
To the Kumars: You become Kings of the golden age.You have to create eight souls like you, there is the praise of eight jewels. The heir quality souls are very few now,even if you create even one heir quality soul, you would become a king. There are many souls who come,but the heir quality souls are like,by looking at them , many would come,they are known as heir quality souls.
One God-Father and no one else.There is a story of crocodile and elephant, the obstacles-maya tries to pull little by little.There must not be any defect. How many of you become Kings,the list has to be prepared.
Blessing: May you be a master benefactor, become the world benefactor who donates peace to the peaceless soul.