Saturday, March 10, 2012

                                                 Subconscious illumination and transformation

The best way too illuminate and eventually transform the subconscious is with the light of  God. Well you might say, that’s all well and good, but how do you achieve this ‘Light’. One way too shine a light is through reading scriptures and reflecting on the meaning. But this light is obviously diluted through many refractions (human points of view)  So in my humble experience meditating on God is the sure and fast way too illuminate the soul. Then that immortal, imperishable light, touches the far recesses of the human subconscious sparking truth and original qualities. Because in my 22 years of meditation, God is an all knowing conscious being of light who never is diluted or entrapped in our human dilemma but is still the Father, a soul just like you and I but doesn’t play a human part. The second part too this equation is transforming the self. You may be getting good experiences in Yoga but now you have too transform your actions and then your attitudes will transform, it’s a cyclic revolution. It may seem an up hill battle at first but then momentum happens and transformation will become a natural part of your life, just add love and discipline too this equation.  The love of meditation and the discipline of performing right actions