Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Year of being Angel like the Father             26-08-2012
Revision of Avyakt Murli – Be Jewel of Contentment
Self Respect: I am the jewel of Contentment.
The light  emitted from the ‘Jewel of Contentment’ spreads to the entire world.
Where there is contentment, there are all powers, naturally. Everyone including the
Father loves the content soul. If we are not content even after finding GOD, then
when else shall we be?
Yoga Practice:
1. Talk to the Father, “After finding you I have become completely content…
hiving you is equivalent to having everything …” Let us sing the song from
the bottom of our hearts, “By having you I have got everything…”
2. Let us concentrate our attention on Baba’s form for a longer time. Let us
travel to the Soul World, touch Baba and come back to our mortal body. Let
us play this game repeatedly.
Point of Inculcation: Contentment
Contentment brings the real happiness. Let us be content in Service as well as
efforts. Contentment brings stability… the mind stops wondering around.
Point of Churning:
- What is Contentment?
- What is the difference between “Desire” and “Necessity”?
- In which all areas does discontentment come?
- How to remain content, always?
- What are Baba’s versions regarding Contentment?
For the Effort Makers:
Dear Effort Makers, let us be completely content with what we have and move
ahead in life. By  doing  this, we will have complete peace and happiness in  life.
Without contentment, life will not have any happiness even though you might be
having many things. For being content, keep reducing your desires and fill yourself
with Godly treasures. The Soul can become content by attaining back all those it
had lost over last 84 births. That is why keep  filling  the  self from Baba. Our
completely content stage will bring the ‘Complete’ stage closer.