Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dadi meets Australians

Dadi Janki – 21st October  2012 - Shantivan                                                                
Meeting the group from Australasia
In your hearts there is only Baba, Murli and Madhuban. However, it is numberwise in this aspect. When you listen to the Murli
you get inspired and your battery is charged. You can then go and shower on others, like a cloud. Did you pay attention to
today’s Murli? Never think of coming in the second number. Baba is good, the company is good, the atmosphere is good.
There is victory in faith.
You have let go of what is old and are creating the new. You have become companions to create the new world. When we
are young Baba is our companion. When we grow up we become His companions. Baba has made us what we are today
and it is my duty now to make others like myself.
First we received the knowledge of the soul, then of God and then of drama. When I recognize myself as a soul and consider
myself as a child of God then I forget all physical aspects… it doesn’t matter where I am from, I am a Madhuban Niwassi. A
Madhuban Niwassi has only Murli and Baba inside.
Leave all ‘how’ questions and say ‘now’.  If you say ‘now’ it is as if it has already happened. Become a hero actor and
be like a diamond. A diamond may be small but it is highly valuable. It is full of the colours of powers. Remember that it is
through His children that Baba will be revealed. Baba doesn’t convert anyone – He adopts them.
Are you a yogi or are you a warrior? A warrior changes his face and mood again and again. A yogi remains constant.
Maintain your connection with Baba. Be yogi and you will always be co-operative (sahayogi).
People should see your transformation and see what you have attained. When they see this they will  want to attain what you
have. Let your stage be such that Baba is automatically revealed. Keep smiling.
The fact that Baba did not come (on 18
 October) gave us the chance to have good yoga. Now let go of all
carelessness and laziness. Sit in silence and become introverted. Detach from your sense organs and you will be
able to concentrate. You will then feel the pull from Baba. Baba will pull you upwards towards Paramdham. You will
be filled with power and silence and that vibration will spread into the atmosphere. This is what volcanic yoga is.
This is the work we need to do now.
Om Shanti.