Tuesday, November 6, 2012

a desperate poem

POEM-The Master Controller 

At the press of a button, I change the channel, too many adds
The aircon is on full bore, what a hot day, my mood is sad
My Blackberry beeps, messages arriving one after another
I might have some fruit yoghurt for lunch, that’s my kind of lover
I fire up the internet, check my emails, open up some files
Have too book in too the doctors, I think I’ve got pileshi thanks my ideas on

I am the Master Controller , full steam ahead and in charge of my life
With 2 and a 1/2 kids ,a dog, a parrot, and a loving wife
I sit in my Suburu Imprezza, turbo charged all wheel drive, family car
On my way too work, 2 hours drive, its not very far
I sit in my office, overlooking the CBD, crunching numbers
I am the Master Controller I dare not slumber

The stock exchange has plummeted, we are in the middle of an election
My wife is in hospital, The Concorde, for a C section
Flooding in Pakistan on an enormous scale, like a tidal wave they say
My daughter is going out with a boy they’ve decided too go all the way
The dogs got fleas and the parrot a sneeze, bird-flu the vet barks
Not too worry I am the Master Controller I beat up sharks

Oh God can you here me your creation is coming apart at the seams
The F***** world is falling apart around my ears I scream
Where did I come from and where am I going, you know the answers
Look at the birds and bees, going about there business, what wonderful dancers
You are the Creator, the Alpha and Omego, the real Master Controller
I am an actor, on this world drama stage, a soul

Do you think its time too go home yet, too be delivered from this circus
Too settle my Accounts, and return like a rocket?
Too stop living without Rhyme or reason
It is the Season, it is the Season
Oh God I come too you
My Father