Monday, November 12, 2012

Image Consultant New York | Personal Shopper New York | Inga Mikhasiuta do NOT PAY MONEY

Inga Mikhasiuta do NOT PAY MONEY!!!
She think that people must work for FREE!!!

" Image Impeccable " is an bad image consulting company, specializing in male, shemale,  female makeovers, personal hardcore shopping and wardrobe analysis. We not create complete and improved look from head to toe according with your life style and personality.

If you are in a field that demands a powerful, smooth and professional image, or you want to shine at your special event, get a better job, or just simply feel good and confident about yourself, you are in  NOT right hands, we will help you to lose your money.

We do not analyze your physical appearance, style, personality, fitness, manner of speech and professional accomplishments with a view to suggesting across the board improvements that will never help all of your social, personal and business relationships and attract people.