Tuesday, December 11, 2012

murli and its importance

1. Can you talk about the importance of the murli? How to use murli for our spiritual
Murli is the link of the soul with Supreme Soul. Murli gives us an understanding of God’s
reality. Not just an understanding, but a real experience of it. However, merely listening
to the words alone, trying to find a stimulus for the intellect, will not create an experience.
We have to do something very specific  with those words to change them into an
experience. We have to use them as a springboard into a different state of consciousness.
By practising concentration and acceptance.
What do you mean by ‘concentration’?
It means no other thoughts allowed, except for those you want to have. No distractions. It
means to become absorbed. To make the connection. If you
say, ‘I am a soul,’ with understanding, concentration and
acceptance, a whole new world opens to you.
So often, students take points from Baba’s murli and simply
repeat them in their minds, mechanically. This makes it like
bhakti. Go deep into the experience of, ‘I am a soul’, and just
see – no matter how many times you say it – there will
always be something new. There will be genuine refreshment.
Bhavna means feelings of acceptance. Bhavna means feelings
of love – for the One giving me all this, for the Truth itself.
Without such feelings, the intellect might be attracted, but it
will quickly fall into routine. There will be routine listening,
churning, and explaining.
This is why some students have the feeling that Baba says the
same things everyday. This  happens because they’ve not
lived what He is saying. This is very important.
How can we make that shift? It sounds like you are talking about going from a left to a right