Wednesday, December 5, 2012

thoughts on karma

Karma: An Overview

Karma is a cosmic cause and effect system: a corrective system that is designed to teach an individual an important life lesson. This education, also known as cosmic law, may span one lifetime, or, if needed, several lifetimes.
Karma is based on action (or, in some cases, failure to act) and reaction. It is meant to be instructive and not sadistic, Karma is punitive only if that is what it takes for someone to learn a particular life lesson, such as to be compassionate towards others. This life on earth is a classroom for the individual’s soul, and karma is the teacher.
Karma would explain a few seeming discrepancies in life: why one person suffers a congenital defect or illness, while another is in perfect health; why one individual is born “lucky,” while another seems to have no luck at all; why one person is born in poverty and another person is born in privilege.
According to Meera Patricia Kerr, author of Big Yoga: A Simple Guide for Bigger Bodies, adopting a positive, unselfish mindset is a major key to enhancing positive karma: “By cultivating good thoughts and good deeds, no matter how seemingly insignificant, we affect the whole world, directly or indirectly” (200). . Another way of enhancing positive karma includes volunteering your time at your favorite charity or charities. Teach someone to read. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister. Help out in a soup kitchen. Lend a hand at your local animal shelter. Give of yourself with enthusiasm, without thinking “What’s in it for me?”
A Poem on Karma
The Law of Karma   …….

Hey jump in my car Ma we can travel far Ma
This is a hotted up chevy with a blown 350 lol
We can travel too Nirvana and back faster than a soul
Talk about Godspeed and a shooting star Pa
What goes up must come down, what goes around must come around
That Dogma will chase you like a bloodhound

Whatever seeds you sow so shall you reap farmer
Hey lets go for a spin in my candy apple Chev in my car Ma
Whatever axe you grind Paul Bunyin will be sharp
Because of your actions soon yo,ll be in Heaven listening too a harp
So I hope you been kind in time in mind inside in attitude homey 
Cause soon Gods coming too sort the chaff from the phoney

The Laws a law theres no lawyer just a natural farmer
So hurry up curry and settle your karma 
You want to settle in a land of milk and honey
Well honey stop spending and embezzling that money
Cause the rain has stopped and its come out clear and sunny
HA HA HA this aint no joke its not meant too be funny

So hey friends lets jump in my car and go for a spin
Spin the past,present and future let your heart  in
Travel the 3 worlds up too Nirvana
Hurry up souls and settle your karmaJ