Wednesday, December 26, 2012

True Xmas blessings

Brother Nirwair – 24th December 2012 – Shantivan
At the Christmas celebration
Christmas is celebrated in the whole world as the day of great joy. Who has the most happiness of all? It is Baba’s children.
Baba tells us that the Double Foreigners are double effort-makers.
All of you know that when we first came down on the Earth there was just one true religion. It was the Age of Truth. We are
the original jewels. When we recognise ourselves through the eyes of Baba, there is a lot of intoxication. We first came into
the world at the time when the elements gave a great deal of happiness. Souls were in their satopradhan stage. Nature was
our helper – the weather was always pleasant. There was no extreme cold or heat.
When a pure soul comes down onto the Earth, everyone experiences happiness. When the Christ soul came onto the Earth
many people experienced happiness. Whether the souls come onto the world stage at the beginning, middle or the end of the
world cycle, in their pure state they give happiness. All human souls love purity because it is only through purity that the soul
experiences very deep happiness.
At the end of the cycle, when the Supreme Soul Himself came onto the Earth, the first great mantra He gives is ‘Become
pure’ and in order to become pure He tells us ‘Be yogi’ – link your mind to Me. The basis of making one’s life pure is one’s
way of thinking. If there is purity in one’s way of thinking then life becomes worthwhile.
In all the messages from the religious founders, there are some common points. They all say that we are all the children of
the Supreme Soul. This whole creation is the Creator’s creation. If human souls become pure then they also become nonviolent. If they were all to have love for humanity then this world would be worth living in. Nowadays the news is very
frightening. People have resorted to doing what they have to do to save their own lives.
On the 21
 December many people thought that the world would end. Many went to different places to stay. Some collected
petrol and food… Yet Baba’s children don’t have fear because there is so much clarity in the knowledge Baba gives us. Baba
has told us that this world and souls are eternal and imperishable. The Supreme Soul is eternal and imperishable and the
drama is eternal. The scenes keep changing because of the attitude of human beings. Because of this the Father comes and
gives us the great mantra ‘Manmanabhav’ If the mind is connected to the Supreme Soul then whatever are His powers,
virtues, sanskaras and thinking will automatically come into us.
When the religious founders came, their power brought some transformation into society. Even in those times people were
giving sorrow to each other. Those matters have now reached their extreme and it important to create an atmosphere of
power. So much rust has collected on the soul and we now, through Baba, realise that the negative traits we see in human
beings are not the original nature of the soul. Only Baba has been able to teach us that to remove this rust and let the soul
shine with enthusiasm and inspiration again, there is only way; knowledge and the mantra ‘Manmanabhav’ – link your mind to
Me – take your mind to Me. Without knowledge and yoga the old traits and habits don’t go away. It is time to become a deity
with beautiful thinking and wonderful sanskaras. Baba has drawn our attention that every day we need the study and yoga.
Through the study there can be a shift in our thinking and there is transformation in life. Until now even great yogis have not
known how to connect their minds to God. He has told us how to join our minds to Him and to fill the self with spiritual power
and thus conquer the vices.
Whenever there is a big day people take a vow for positive transformation. In the whole world Christmas is celebrated with a
lot of love and the atmosphere becomes filled with love. However, this is just for one day.
For us, it is a matter of a life of transformation; at Sangamyug every thought and word of ours should be sweet. Every thought
should be elevated. Every look of ours should be filled with love and every action should be a source  of inspiration for
everyone. We have to remember what Baba teaches us and fill ourselves with enthusiasm.
We need to keep appreciating what Baba is giving us because we will then become Baba’s worthy children. We are the
instruments to bring the wonderful new world into practical. I am His personal helper in this task! We need to recognise our
role and our responsibilities. When I recognise my role and responsibility I will realise my true greatness and I will also be
recognise how great each Brahmin soul is.
Om Shanti