Saturday, December 29, 2012


In hinduism yoga encompasses discipline, mantras, yantras, strength, gurus etc, but literally the word means connection or relationship, just as two friends would have or a lover and beloved. It is connecting and visualizing with the minds eye and getting power and love from that connection. Like when you think of your best friend , you see them in your mind, and may laugh because they are so funny and good too be around. So there is connection and a result (laughter). The only discipline is too see myself as a star of light not a human form and too connect too my greatest friend and lover (God) who is also a star of light, but he never is trapped or dulled by a body and its inadequacies. He is all powerful, residing in my original home, soul world (Paramdam), so I visualize myself flying there and catching all that power, majesty and wisdom, and then returning too my part I play on this earth. This is why in Idia they show God (shiva) as a lingum, but in fact he is Jyoti Lingam, an oval shaped spark of light. This is Raja Yoga the king of yogas where I connect too the King of the Universe and become the king of my sense organs, practice at home