Tuesday, January 29, 2013

eternal service

Dadi Janki – 28
 January 2013 - Shantivan  
Father Brahma is still serving the world
Make Baba yours and you will experience true peace. What else can be mine actually? Just one
Baba can remain mine through my whole life… In order to recognise ourselves and to recognise Him
Baba has given each one of us the divine eye and divine intellect. Through these our drishti has
become pure. Do you experience that your intellect  and your drishti have become divine? It is
important to know how to use one’s intellect. I have to be very sensible.
Effort and reward is not a matter of when you came to Baba. Shiv Baba’s treasure store is unlimited
and is always open. Anyone can take as much as they want from it and become as they want to
become. Baba always tells us that last can go fast and become beads of the Rosary of Victory. Souls
who come late can go ahead of those who come earlier. Everything depends on effort. Baba is
looking at those who are coming now and yet going fast. Baba is the Ocean of Forgiveness. You may
have made a mistake but if you don’t repeat the mistake then He will forgive you. Ask for forgiveness
from Baba. Your realisation is what will prevent you from making the mistake again. Through
realisation we receive Baba’s forgiveness.
Your actions speak about you. Do you feel inspired  for service? A serviceable soul is also a
renunciate… Baba tells us that the true religion is being established. As true religion is established,
all traces of falsehood and irreligiousness finish. This is our task… establish true religion and to finish
See your own fortune. Each one of us is special. Here we don’t have ordinary happiness. We have so
many things to enjoy and be happy about. We have the happiness of touring the three worlds. No
ticket or passport is needed for this tour! Go to the subtle region where Brahma Baba is. He is still
doing service. Think about how he is doing service. How does he come here? Where is he doing
service? Churn these things… It is not just when BapDada comes that he is with us…
Now I want to tell you three things to pay attention to:-
1) Baba is with me. Baba is with each one of us. Baba is my personal companion. Stay in this
awareness and you will never feel alone or lonely. Pay attention to soul consciousness and
keeping Baba with you and you will see how your stage remains high.
2) Whenever you come into contact with anyone keep the awareness that this is Baba’s child; we
are brothers and sisters. You will see how the soul you are coming into connection with
becomes happy.
3) If any situation occurs when you are alone or with others then invoke Baba. Report that
situation to Baba. It doesn’t matter what you are facing – invoke Baba and tell Him what is
happening.  There is no need to speak anything in words. It is often better to remain silent.
This is Baba’s Yagya. All are His children. Let me have good wishes for all.
Om shanti