Thursday, February 21, 2013


Take me to a 'Good Place'

Everything around us is a vibrating energy: the chair you are sitting on, the gadget you are using to view this article, the coffee you have in front of you, the cushion on your back, the photo frame in front of you.  And at every single moment there is an exchange of energy between you and everything around you.  At every second, you have a choice as to which energies to absorb and which to resist.
The greatest impact is that of other people’s energy.  If there were a choice, would you rather not work with a polite, kind, modest and easy going person or a bossy, rude, negative and selfish person?  What is it about their energies that either attract us or repel us?  The answer is that the former energy will take us to that ‘good place’ inside of ourselves where our good qualities emerge easily and automatically.  The latter takes us to an uncomfortable place filled with fear and insecurity, and where we have to make the effort firstly, to overcome the negative and secondly to assert our virtue.
Imagine if we had x-ray vision and were able to ‘tune’ into every one’s energy field.  Chances are we would certainly keep our distance from many people as we notice the negative quality of their thoughts and feelings.
Every time we shake hands with another individual or come into their proximity, there is an exchange of energy between our auras.  We are ‘touched’ by that person – literally!  And our energy fields penetrate each other.  No wonder we feel tired and exhausted by the end of the day.  Just as we can immediately recognize the energy projected from a holy place of worship or from a night-club, so too we need to be discriminating about places such as shopping malls and sports stadiums.  On the surface they seem to be neutral spaces, but on an energetic level, there is desire, greed, ego, competition and more lurking in the shadows!
Whether we realize it or not, we do become influenced.  Sometimes, when we come to our senses we wonder how on earth we could have come to that decision, or bought that particular item, or even why we feel low, unhappy or depressed.
When we see mob violence we see people caught up in this force that will cause them to do things that they would not do otherwise.  People will even kill, torture and rape under the persuasive influence of the negative collective energy.
Just as we are selective about the aesthetics of our personal space, it’s also important to filter the energies in our life and be selective about the people we hold in our orbit.  We want to be with those who take us to a good place in our minds and hearts, not those who steal our energy or further weaken it with their negativity, or worse, may have bad intentions towards us.
Meditation is an important tool to help us create a very powerful aura of light and purity.  In times of need this will be our greatest protection.  And the greatest charity we can do for the world will be to spread that light and help raise the vibration of the planet.
It’s time… to notice the energies around you and to tune into the positive.  Better still, influence others with your aura of peace, power and love, and help raise the vibration in the world.  Take people to that ‘good place’ inside of themselves.
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It’s Time is spreading far and wide! Feel free to forward this wisdom, but to avoid any karmic rebound, please acknowledge its source – ‘It’s Time’ by Aruna Ladva, BK Publications London