Monday, February 4, 2013

todays knowledge by Brahma and co

04‐02‐13                     Morning Murli                          Om Shanti                      BapDada                           Madhuban
Essence:   Sweet children, this is now your final birth. The play is coming to an end and you therefore have to
become pure and return home. Then history will repeat from the golden age.
Question:   Which wonder can only you children perform while looking after your home and family?
Answer:   While looking after your home and family and living in the old world, you have to break your
attachment to everyone. Forget all the old things including your body. This is the wonder of you
children. This is called satopradhan renunciation. Only the Father teaches you this. You children
promise to remain pure in this final birth. This purity will then remain all the time for 21 births. No
one else can perform such a wonder.
Song:   You are the Mother and You are the Father.
Video song:
Essence for dharna:
1.   Don’t remember any pictures. Keep the Father without an image in your intellect. Connect your
intellect’s yoga up above.
2.   You have to return home and you must therefore remove your attachment from all the old things
including your body. Become completely pure.
Blessing:   May you be a world transformer who wears the glasses of seeing specialities as you come into
connection and relationship with others.
While coming into connection and relationship with one another, see each one’s specialities. Imbibe
the vision of only seeing specialities. Nowadays, the fashion and compulsion is of wearing glasses.
So, wear the glasses that see specialities and nothing else will then be visible. When you wear red
glasses, anything green will also be seen as red. So, by not looking at the mud, but by seeing the
lotus with the glasses of speciality, you will become an instrument for the special task of world
Slogan:   Remain constantly far from the dust of thinking of and looking at others and you will become a
flawless and invaluable diamond.