Saturday, March 30, 2013

churning point

Question: What is the difference between the result of actions performed by following the dictates of your own mind and the result of performing actions according to shrimat?
Answer: Those who perform actions according to their own dictates have to repent for them in the future. They continue to be unhappy. Some become poverty-stricken by following the dictates of their own minds, that is, the dictates of Maya-vices. Some become ill and some have untimely death. All of that is repenting for your actions. You children perform such elevated actions according to shrimat that you won't have to repent for them for half the cycle.
Now what is shrimat? It is a hindi word meaning, the most elevated directions. So what are the most elevated directions?. Some people may think the bible, or their mother, or what Jesus or Buddha said etc. Or the local priest or elder. This doesnt necessarily say even then you will be following the most elevated directions. Even if God was talking too you directly, you still may not be following the most elevated directions. Why?? Gods language, your state of mind, the state of the acoustics, etc etc. But the key clarification is your actions will be good and easy too perform, the outcome will be positive and your happiness will increase. And you will want too do that type of action , more and more.