Thursday, March 28, 2013

Its the End

'The End'

When the soul leaves this physical body, there is nothing material that it carries with itself; the hands are empty and even the last sentimental ornaments placed near the corpse will all be left behind.  So what is it that the soul will take with it as it continues on its journey?
With the departure of many loved ones recently in our spiritual family, it is a reminder to me that the love, respect and tribute that is paid at ‘The End’ is a real tribute of a life lived well.
In life, we continue to strive for money, success, power, fame and recognition, and yet what will it all mean if we have not made any ‘happy’ investments in our relationships?  Normally as we embark upon any business venture or academic qualification we understand the need to keep the end or outcome in mind.  Well, how often do we remember that on this journey of life we will all one day have to leave behind this body, and the place and people that surround us?  It is good to live well, but at the same time ensuring that we pay attention to the things that matter.
In fact there is a story of someone who wanted to meet an old friend who had become a wealthy businessman.  And every day the friend would ask this ‘busy-man’ to join him for tea and a chat.  And each day he would refuse saying he had a lot of work to finish.  Finally the friend dragged the businessman to the graveyard and said… ‘do you see these people lying here?  They never ever finished their work!’
In fact, when we visit the graveyard or crematorium there is a natural detachment that emerges from life in general.  For those few moments, we may have a natural distaste for all material pleasures in life and begin to believe that nothing really matters much.  To retain this awareness of the impermanence of things in life is the key to detachment and happiness.
Like in any play, it all comes to an end one day.  We have no idea when we will make our exit, and we may ‘shuffle off our mortal coil’ sooner than we think!  More important than how long, is how well we lived our life.  Did we use our God-given qualities to create a life of quality?  Were we able to master ourselves and overcome our weaknesses?  How much did we share our talents or add to the happiness of others?  These things are what really matter in the final analysis.  So what kind of a ‘happy ending’ do I want to create in the story my life?
In the metaphorical suitcase of the soul, we will take with us exactly what we have ‘packed’ for ourselves – our spiritual consciousness (light or heavy!):  When we have a stock of good deeds together with a light heart.  When we have rid ourselves of the heaviness of the vices.  When we have served others and made a difference.  When our actions have brought a return of good wishes and blessings from others… then the soul can fly.  If we are carrying anything else it will make us heavy, and eventually we will have to pay a penalty for excess baggage!
It’s time… to keep the end in mind by investing in each moment, and thereby creating a ‘masterpiece’ to be proud of.
The End!
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