Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Power of Now

                      Opportunities of now

People as they grow up learn skill sets, virtues, cultural specialities, attitudes etc. They will grow into work choices, relationships, geographical location choices, and that individual will begin to define their life and personality. There moral compass will be administered by their religious beliefs, their parents and grandparents values and their communities and societies values. And in amongst that mix will be that souls past karmic baggage, which they have brought with them from previous lives. Find that hard to believe well at least think of the unseen   forces affecting the foetus in the womb. The mothers attitude for being pregnant, the food she feeds her body. The fathers reason for creating the baby etc. The environment, is it polluted, is it a warzone, is it a hospital or a home birth etc. These all shape the individuals attitudes even before they are born into this physical world. Why do mothers have still births, why are twins born, or children born with down syndrome??? Etc. all this can also be called karmic accounts. Some religious people will say that God has sent this child to teach me a lesson (this is the same thing). In meditation when we begin the journey of self- discovery, many jewels and thorns are revealed. This is called introspection.  The power of meditation is in the diluting and purification of self-talk so it becomes firstly simple, secondly positive and thirdly true. Not based or reflective of negative emotions. So we begin to see and feel things from a higher spiritual perspective leading to the greater good. Then through that clarity and higher consciousness I begin to see my highest self, as God would see me so to speak. To achieve this though I must meditate or focus my mind’s eye on a highly pure or enlightened being , firstly too get power for the mind too fly and secondly too get a clean mirror so I can clearly see my defects, specialities and see my way forward. The technique of Raja Yoga meditation attempts to achieve this.  We focus on firstly seeing ourselves as souls, a living point of light, and  too purify that light we turn our third eye on God and connect too that purest being, getting both power and peace and purity, as well as the best mirror. You may have some issues with this, if so work with another pure focal point, and disassemble your blockages. Eventually you will definitely be living in the now. And your life will be full of clarity, conviction, love and enthusiasm, and you can then coax others into that way of thinking. Have Fun, Om Shanti