Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Overdue Poem

 The overdue Poem

I am a soul in a body
Or is it a body in a soul
Both are in each other so why bother
I am in you and you are in me and together we are free
Yes free
Or is it four what for what for?
I vibrate inwards and outwards too and fro
Up and down like a yo yo
Originally I was bright as bright as a thousand suns
Like my father
But then over time I became dull like a piece of black coal
But if you light me, infuse me with light I become bright
Like candle light I may give you a fright I may give you insight
I move here and there sit in a chair or is it a chair lift at a fair
I can fly too mars and then sit at the bottom of the sea
And see myself  on top of a flea
I can visualize myself as a star of light or as a tree
And then travel too another dimension  oh I have too pee
I am here I am there I am no where but I am writing this Poem
But why do you care?
Be care free careful and careless
Have a don’t care attitude
It all makes sense
I have 5 senses and are senseless
I can smell I can hear I can drink beer
But I have no fear nor no fur for that matter
It doesn’t matter no it does matter
We are matter and we aren’t

Though it is esy going too my Aunties place