Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sundays Discourse

09/06/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 10/01/1977
As the aim, so the qualifications.
Today, from each child's forehead and eyes, BapDada was especially looking for one special aspect. It was to
see to what extent their qualifications are close to their aim. According to the aim, to what extent are the
qualifications visible in the practical form? Each one's aim is very elevated, but in imbibing the qualifications
for that aim, there are three types of effort-maker. What are these three types?
The first are those who enjoy knowledge when they listen to it and feel that they should do it. However, they
only know how to listen and not how to do it.
The second are those who think about it, who understand it and even do it, but, because of not being the form of
power, they play a double-part. One moment they will be a Brahmin and a fast effort-maker, and the next
moment they will lose courage. What is the reason for this? They become influenced by one or other of the five
vices or the elements of nature. This is why a difference is caused between their aim and their qualifications.
They have the desire, but they lack the power to become completely free from the knowledge of any desires,
and for this reason they are not able to reach their aim.
The third are those who continue to move along with their listening, thinking and doing being equal. In such
souls, the qualifications and the aim are visible as 99% equal. In this way, BapDada is seeing three types of
At present, the thoughts and words of every Brahmin soul should be checked against their aim as to whether
their thoughts and words are according to their aim. Your aim is to become an angel and so a deity. Just as you
check your thoughts, words and actions against your lokik family and your occupation, in the same way, are
you Brahmin souls moving along while keeping your highest-on-high family and occupation in front of you?
Do you have the present Brahmin life of having died alive in your awareness or do the characteristics of your
past shudra life come naturally into play? As your birth, so your actions. The actions performed in your
elevated birth should automatically be elevated. If this takes effort, it means that you lack the awareness of your
Brahmin birth. In fact, elevated actions and an elevated aim are the birthright of an elevated birth. Just as in
lokik life physical wealth is your birthright, in the same way, in Brahmin life the wealth of divine virtues,
Godly happiness and powers are your birthright. One should have the intoxication of one's birthright in a
natural way; one should not need to make effort for it. If one has to make effort, then something is definitely
lacking in the relationship and connection. Ask yourself: Do I have the intoxication of the birthright! By
maintaining this intoxication, your aim and its qualifications become equal. What is the easy method for this
through which you would be liberated from making effort for it? You know yourself, who you are and what you
are, to which elevated father and to which family you belong, but you do not accept it at all times. You do not
look at the picture of your fortune. If you constantly continue to look at the picture of your fortune, then, just as
when you see a physical body you have the natural awareness of the body, so too, the picture of your fortune
would remain in your awareness just as naturally. While walking and moving along, the soundless chant of
"Wah Baba! and "Wah my fortune!" would emerge in your mind. Devotees try to listen to the sound beyond
limits; in fact, that is the memorial of your stage in devotion. The picture of the previous cycle where you are
constantly dancing in happiness, which is called the picture of the raas leela in which they have portrayed gopes
and gopis constantly dancing with Gopi Vallabh (father of the gopes and gopis), is a picture of the memorial of
your dancing in happiness. It is a picture of your practical activities. Are you constantly able to see the picture
of your divine activities practically'] Do you experience that being your image? This is called the image of your
fortune. If you perform every action while daily seeing the image of your fortune, you will then be liberated
from effort and experience the happiness of your birthright.
There is now no more time to labour. Now, become an embodiment of the awareness of knowing what you had
to know and of having attained what you had to attain. Do you have this experience? BapDada is happy to see
the image of each one's fortune. The same should apply to you. BapDada is especially amazed about one aspect,
of how the master almighty authorities, the ones who have the most elevated fortune, become confused over
trivial matters, just like a lion being afraid of an ant. What would you think if a lion were to say: "How can I kill
an ant? What should I do?" Would you think this is possible or impossible? So, too, if the master almighty
authorities become confused over little matters, would the Father think that this is possible or would He be 09/06/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 10/01/1977
amazed? Therefore, now is not the time to be afraid of little things; now is the time to remove all confused souls
from their confusion. Do you understand? These are things of childhood. These things of childhood do not seem
right in front of master creators. Therefore, you are told to dance constantly with zeal and enthusiasm.
Constantly continue to listen to the subtle sound in your mind of "Wah my fortune!", and "Wah the Bestower of
Fortune!" Together with dancing, you also need music, and so constantly continue to listen to this eternal sound
in your mind and continue to dance in happiness.
To those who constantly maintain the intoxication of their birthright, to those who constantly maintain Godly
intoxication, to those who are liberated from labour, to those who make their qualifications equal to their aim, to
those who remove others from all confusion, to the multimillion-fold fortunate souls who have elevated fortune,
BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
09/06/13 Avyakt BapDada 12/01/77
A vision of the three aspects of time of those who are "master and child" at the confluence age.
Today, BapDada was seeing the three aspects of time of each child. In the past, were you devotees of the
beginning period or of the middle period? Has the period of devotion finished for you? Having received the fruit
of devotion, that is, having attained the Ocean of Knowledge and knowledge, have you become enlightened,
knowledgeable souls or are you becoming that? Do you still have the slightest trace or progeny of the sanskars
of devotion? That is, are you still dependent on someone? Or are you begging, calling out, considering yourself
to be very far from being perfect etc.? At present, to what extent have you become completely equal to the
Father in His virtues, His task and His service? On the basis of the present, how elevated are you making your
future reward? In this way, seeing the three aspects of time of every child, seeing the children who are the
masters, Baba sings their praise. However, together with that, Baba is also a little amazed with some. Look at
yourself and ask: Do I still have a trace of the sanskars of a devotee even now? If you are depending on any
sanskar or nature even slightly, if you are begging for name, fame or honour, if you are still crying out with the
questions of "What?" or "How?", if you are still calling out, if you are like devotees, who are internally one
thing and externally something else, if you have the deceitful sanskars of a stork in this way, then, where there
is even the slightest trace of devotion, you cannot be a knowledgeable, enlightened soul, because devotion is
night and knowledge is day. Day and night cannot remain together.
A knowledgeable soul, as a result of devotion, is one who always remains absorbed in the Ocean of Knowledge
and the knowledge and is ignorant of the knowledge of desire and is an embodiment of all attainments. Are you
able to take a photograph of such knowledgeable souls through your intellect? In your future picture of Shri
Krishna he is shown from birth with a crown and a golden spoon in the mouth, that is, he is shown as the
embodiment of all attainments. He is full in all aspects: health, wealth and happiness. Even nature is serving
him. Are you going to experience all of those things which you are to attain in the future now, at the confluence
age, or are they just praise of the future? Are you going to carry those sanskars from here or will you create
them there? Will you have the trikaldarshi stage now or in the future? Do you have the attainment of being
personally with the Father and receiving His inheritance now or in the future? Do you have an elevated stage
now or in the future? It is elevated now, is it not?
The image of the final, perfect stage of the confluence age is shown in the image of the future. As well as those
in the future, it is the Brahmins of the confluence age who experience all attainments. In the final stage you
become those who have the crown, the throne and the tilak, an image that has all rights, a conqueror of Maya
and a conqueror of nature. You are constantly seated on the seat of a detached observer and on BapDada's heartthrone. You have the crown of responsibility of world benefit, the tilak of the soul-conscious awareness and are
filled with the alokik wealth of knowledge, virtues and powers that you have received from the Father. You do
not just have a single crown, but a double crown. Just as you have a double throne - the heart-throne and the
throne of a detached observer - in the same way, you have responsibility, that is, you have the crown of service
as well as the crown of light, the crown of purity. So, you become one who has a double crown, a double throne
and are full of all attainments. Let alone a golden spoon, you become one who is as valuable as diamonds! In
front of a diamond, gold is nothing. In fact, your life becomes like a diamond. You are decorated with the
jewellery of knowledge and virtues. In comparison to the decorations of the present, you would not find the 09/06/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 10/01/1977
future decoration worthwhile. There, it will be the maids who decorate you, whereas here, it is Baba, the
Bestower of Knowledge, who decorates you. There, you will swing in swings of gold and diamonds whereas
here, you swing in BapDada's lap and in the swing of supersensuous joy. So, which image is the more elevated?
That of the present or the future? Constantly keep this elevated image of yours in front of you. This is known as
the image of an enlightened soul.
So BapDada was seeing the image of the three aspects of time of everyone as to what extent it was ready. Is
everyone's image now ready? When an image is ready, it is unveiled for everyone to come and see. Are you
living images ready so that the curtains of time can be opened? A vision is always given of a perfect image, not
a damaged idol. To have any type of weakness means to be a damaged idol. Have you become worthy of
granting a vision? Are you thinking about yourself or about time? Time is just like a shadow behind you. You
even forget yourself. Therefore, while being master trikaldarshi and knowing your three aspects of time, make
yourself a perfect image, that is, become an image worthy of granting a vision. Do you understand?
Do not count how much time is left, but count the virtues of the Father and the self. You celebrate the day of
remembrance, but now celebrate the day of becoming an embodiment of remembrance. The memorial of this
day of remembrance is the pillar of peace, the pillar of purity and the pillar of power. In the same way, make
yourself such a pillar of all aspects that no one can shake you. Do not just sing praise of the Father's love, but
make yourself an embodiment of the avyakt stage, the same as the Father, so that everyone sings your praise.
You may sing songs of praise, but the One whom you praise should also sing your praise; so make yourself
worthy of this.
On this day of remembrance, Baba wants to see the practical form of love. The sign of love is sacrifice. All of
you know which sacrifice Baba wants from all of you children. The sacrifice of all your weaknesses in a
practical way. Sing the praise of this sacrifice from deep within your hearts, that you have sacrificed everything
out of love for the Father. When something is sacrificed out of love, even a difficult or impossible thing
becomes easy and possible. On the day of remembrance, celebrate it as the day of power. Become an
embodiment of remembrance and so an embodiment of power. Do you understand? On that day, the Father will
see what sacrifice each one has made and to what percentage and in which form; whether it is out of
compulsion or out of love. It should not just be as a discipline. Do not do it out of compulsion, thinking that it is
a discipline. Only that which is done out of love from the heart is accepted. If something is not accepted, it goes
to waste. Therefore, you were told to not just be a stork devotee; you mustn't deceive yourself. Only the truth is
accepted by the true Father. All the rest is accumulated in the account of sin, not in the Father's account. Now
finish the account of sin and accumulate in the Father's account. Earn multimillions at every step and become a
multimillionaire. Achcha.
To those who understand from a signal, to those who think about the self and not about time, to those who
sacrifice out of love for the Father in a second with determination, to the souls who have a double crown, a
double throne, to such enlightened souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of total success and please the Bestower of Blessings by knowing the
secret of 'ek-vrata' (one who is faithful to One).
The Father, the Bestower of Blessings, has infinite blessings and, however many blessings one wishes to take,
the treasure-store is open. Some children become full from such an open treasure-store whereas others become
full according to their capacity. It is the form of the Innocent Lord, the Bestower of Blessings, who fills your
aprons the most, but you simply have to know the way to please Him and you will attain all success. The
Bestower of Blessings loves one term the most and that is 'ek-vrata'. Even in your thoughts or dreams, you
should not think of another. In your attitude, you should have "Mine is One and none other". Those who know
this secret have their aprons filled with all blessings.
Slogan: Do service through thoughts and words at the same time and you will continue to receive double fruit.
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