Wednesday, July 17, 2013

are my thoughts of high quality??

Dadi Janki – 15th July 2013 - Shantivan
Of what quality are my thoughts?
The power to pack up and the power to merge are very important. We understand that it usually possible to say something
essence fully but many have the habit of going into expansion and unnecessary detail. An issue may be very small but some
choose to make it big. Rather than making something big into something small, they make small things big. One who is preparing
for a journey packs up everything. They definitely can’t carry everything with them and so they have to recognise what they need to
leave behind. On this spiritual journey, the first thing we recognise that needs packing up is our past karma.
Whilst on a journey, one needs to focus one’s attention on the guide. On this journey the guide is Baba. He is guiding us at every
step. Therefore, the focus of my attention should be Baba. We don’t have to worry about anything; everything is already fixed. I
need to pack up everything – even that which happened five minutes ago – and to keep accumulating. I don’t have to worry about
anything; everything is already fixed. I have to pay attention to my thoughts and my time… to my very breath.
I need to be able to pack up, to remain content and also to remain ever ready. I have to be ever ready for anything. One who can
pack up can also face. We can’t afford to think that maya is just going to leave us alone. No, she has been with us for so many
years, how can she just leave us like that? So, we need to be ready for when she comes… The day we started belonging to Baba
was the day we became aware of what maya was. Before that we were under her influence but didn’t even realise it. As we move
along maya often comes to us in a subtle form. So, ask yourself; what quality are my thoughts? Is the quality of my thoughts
improving or not…
Our ancestors were so powerful and the inner work they did is the basis for us to move forward. I shouldn’t allow any weakness to
remain in me. If you practice the power to pack up and accumulate it is easy to use the power to face. We don’t have to worry
about anything; everything is already fixed.
When one has a clean heart then they make effort from the heart rather than effort for show. I have to maintain a determined
thought for my effort. Of course obstacles will come but I have to maintain a strong heart. One who has a clean heart doesn’t have
any animosity towards anyone and this is how their heart becomes strong. I have to maintain good wishes and pure feelings for
myself and for others. If I let any other feeling come then I can’t maintain good wishes. In effort, if you allow any negative feelings
to come then you will get tired very easily. You will then become disheartened. You will feel to move away from certain people.
However, to move away from a child of Baba is to insult Baba Himself. A true child of God will always be merciful, always kind… A
true child of Baba will think of others benefit rather than trying to move away from them. In this, we have to keep Baba, Mama and
Dadi Ji in front of us. So many souls made mistakes. Mama never used to react, while Baba used to speak in the gathering, in
general about the situation. Sometimes he would speak in such a way that Dadi felt he was a thought reader. Baba always
maintained good wishes. Baba never allowed us to ‘report’ the behaviour of others to him. Many left Baba, yet he maintained good
wishes… Nowadays less people leave because there is the feeling ‘where will I go’ but in the beginning it was only about one out
of 100 who stayed.
I need to stay