Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sundays murli

Experience the divine activities of subtle power through introversion.
Do you now clearly know the real power of silence? Just as you are able to see the practical results of the powers of
speech and actions, in the same way, have you seen the practical results of silence, the most powerful power of all? Have
you experienced it? Just as you are able to transform souls by talking to them, so, too, do you have the experience of
transforming the attitude and vision of others with your power of silence, that is, through your thoughts? Through words,
you can only transform those who are in front of you. However, through the mind, that is, through the power of silence, no
matter how far away souls may be physically, you can make them experience being personally in front of you. Just as
through the instruments of science you are able to see distant scenes in front of you, in the same way, with the power of
silence all distance will be finished; you as well as others will experience that scene to be in front of you. This is known as
the power of yoga. Just as the instruments of science will only work when there is an accurate connection with the main
station, in the same way, only when you have a constantly clear connection with BapDada can you experience the power
of silence. In science, it is a question of just the connection, whereas here, a connection means to experience all
relationships clearly; only then will you be able to see the practical results of the power of the mind.
As yet, you are doing very little subtle service of invoking souls and transforming them through the power of the mind.
Through their spiritual practice, semi-pure souls are able to invoke souls; through their spiritual endeavour, they are able
to show miracles to souls at a distance; through their temporary means, they attract them towards themselves. Therefore,
what can God's power, that is, the most elevated power, not achieve? For this, you especially need the power of
concentration: concentration of thoughts and concentration in your stage. The basis of these is introversion. By having
introversion, you will internally have many unique experiences. Through divine vision, you are able to see the unique and
divine activities of the subtle region, the subtle world. In the same way, through introversion, you will experience the
divine activities of subtle power. Are you able to experience the spiritual divine activity of invoking souls, of having a
heart-to-heart conversation with souls, of transforming the nature and sanskars of souls and of enabling souls to forge a
connection with the Supreme Father? Are you able to give blessings of peace, power and freedom from disease from a
distance to souls who have not attained anything and who are peaceless, unhappy and diseased? The method of giving
blessings is portrayed in the non-living images of the Shaktis by the stability in the way the hands are shown. The pose of
giving blessings is shown as stability in the hands (stage), vision and thoughts. Now, in your living form, increase the
power of a concentrated heart, and spiritual service will then take place in the world of spirits. The spiritual world is not
the incorporeal world. However, the spirit should invoke spirits and do spiritual service. Experience the wonder of this
spiritual divine activity. You can do this spiritual service at a fast speed. So the conflict that arises due to the
consciousness of "mine" and "yours" in serving through words and deeds, the conflict of name, fame, prestige etc. and the
conflict of sanskars and nature, the feeling of a lack of time and money - all obstacles of this type will end. You will
thereby develop the sanskar of spiritual service and will remain engaged in service with this sanskar. Now, this year, start
this type of powerful service. Give all souls who come into contact with you through words or through the practical
impact of your life, and those whom you still hope will come into contact with you, the experience of spiritual power. You
have already given them the experience of your efforts and your greatness. Now, together with both those experiences,
also give them the experience of your spirituality. Let them experience all these three.
By next Shiv Ratri, create such a subtle and physical stage that souls who come into contact with you experience love and
spirituality through your form, and that through words they experience going beyond sound. Organise a special
programme for such contact souls. Let it be your aim to give them an experience and not just to give a lecture. You may
organise small gatherings, but your aim must be to bring them closer by giving them the experience of spirituality and a
relationship with the spiritual Father. Bring some newness! Your own stage and the place should both attract with
spirituality from a distance. The question of giving a general message is different. You may do that, but definitely do this.
For this, the instrument souls, that is, the serviceable souls, must make a pledge of maintaining their stage of
concentration and introspection specially on that day. Through this pledge, they will be able to transform the attitude of
others. You know that devotees hold a fast of physical food. You knowledge-full, serviceable souls should fast by staying
beyond any upheaval of wasteful thoughts, wasteful words and wasteful deeds and maintain your concentration, that is,
you will have to make a vow of maintaining your spirituality. Only then will you be able to show other souls the miracles
of the Sun of Knowledge. Make an alokik plan. In devotion, the fragrance of incense sticks attracts others from a distance.
In the same way, the power of concentration should attract from a distance. Do you understand what you now have to do?
Develop a relationship with those who are in contact with you, and, with such experiences, make those special souls
instruments to spread the sound. Achcha. 07/07/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 26/01/77
To souls who give the experience of being stable in spirituality, to those who remain engaged in spiritual service at every
second and in every thought, to such spiritual servers who give an experience of comfort to other souls, BapDada's love,
remembrance and namaste.
* * * O M S H A N T I * * *
07/07/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 31/01/77
The way to enable your devotees to attain everything is to have a stage of being
ignorant of the knowledge of desires.
Do you consider yourselves to be the highest authorities! Are you familiar with your personality of purity? Having
attained the imperishable property from the Father, do you experience yourselves to be complete? In this old world, a
limited study and limited position is said to be an authority. Compared to that, your almighty authority is unlimited and
imperishable. Do you perform every action while maintaining such authority? BapDada makes every child a master of the
unlimited. In being a master of the unlimited, there is unlimited happiness. Do you know your treasures of happiness?
Seeing the lines of fortune of the children, the Father becomes very happy that there are a few souls out of multimillions
who are making their fortune elevated.
Is the Father happy to see the children or are the children much more happy to see their fortune? Who is happier? You are
such elevated souls that every act of yours is remembered as a divine activity. Even now, your divine activities are being
worshipped. Even today, devotees are desperate to have a moment's vision of the worthy-of-worship idols of you. Are you
able to experience the desperate eagerness of the devotees? Do you have feelings of mercy and good wishes in your heart
to satisfy the devotees? Do you know the way to satisfy the devotees? Do you know what the devotees desire to attain
from you deities? The basis of the devotees attaining everything is their love and devotion, and the basis of your enabling
the devotees to attain everything is your stage of being completely ignorant of desires. Only when you become completely
ignorant of desires will you be able to fulfil the desires of other souls. To be ignorant of the knowledge of all desires
means to have an extremely powerful seed stage. Unless you become a master seed, the leaves cannot receive anything.
You once again have to give the many leaves, that is, the many devotee souls, who are completely dry and wilted, the
donation of power through your seed stage. Just as there is a queue of devotees in front of the non-living images, so, do
you also experience your devotees to be queuing up for a glimpse of your living forms? Do you like listening to the call of
the devotees even now? When BapDada tours the world and sees the wandering of the devotees and listens to their calling
out, He feels mercy for them. Perhaps, you say that BapDada should grant the devotees a vision and fulfil their desire. Do
you think like this? However, in the drama, the name is that of the children and the work is that of the Father. Therefore,
the children have to become instruments. Will the Father become a master of the world or will the children? Will the
subjects be yours or the Father's? The subjects are those who become worthy of worship, and, later, it is these worthy-ofworship souls who have devotees. So, now, become instruments for your subjects and your devotees and give them the
blessing of peace and power.
Just as the Father has revealed Himself to the children, in the same way, you special deities have to reveal yourselves to
your devotees. Deities means bestowers, and so, as children of the Bestower of Fortune, you have to become bestowers of
fortune. Can you see your crown of light? The crown of jewels is not a big thing compared to the crown of light. The
more you imbibe purity in your thoughts, words and deeds, the clearer your crown of light will become. BapDada sees the
numberwise crowns of all the children. The crowns in the future kingdom will be numberwise, and so here, too, the
crowns are numberwise. Do you know your number? Is it a small crown or a big one? Everyone has a crown. The
moment you become a child of the Father and make a promise of purity, you definitely receive a crown in return. You
were told that, as soon as you become a child of the Almighty Authority, that is, as soon as you take an alokik birth, you
receive a crown, a throne and a tilak as your birthright. In the same way, can you see the sparkling star of your fortune? If
you constantly sing songs of praise of your fortune and of the Bestower of Fortune you will become full of all virtues. Do
not sing songs of your weaknesses; continue to sing songs of praise of your fortune. Go beyond all questions and remain
content within your heart. As long as you still have questions within yourself, such as "How can I do this? What can I
do?", you will not be able to satisfy others. Do you understand? Now, do not think about your own self, but think more of
your devotees. Now, do not think of taking but think of giving. Now, do not have any desires for your own self, but think
about fulfilling the desires of other souls and you will then automatically become complete. Achcha. 07/07/13 Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti 26/01/77
To the images that grant visions in a practical way, the same as the Father, to those who fulfil the desires of all souls, to
the souls who constantly stabilise themselves in the highest authority and maintain the personality of purity, to those who
constantly sing praise of their fortune, to the great donors who constantly donate as bestowers, to the bestowers of
blessings who are full of all blessings, to such great souls, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.
Blessing: May you be an embodiment of peace who gives the experience of a shanti-kund (an area of peace) in the
midst of peacelessness and upheaval.
When there is upheaval in any place, then, at that time of quarrelling, show the wonder of the power of peace. It should
enter everyone's intellect that it is a shanti-kund here. Be a shanti-kund and spread the power of peace. Be an embodiment
of peace and give the experience of a shanti-kund. At that time, you won't be able to serve through words, but with the
power of the mind, you will be able to reveal a shanti-kund. Everyone should receive the vibrations that they will receive
peace only there. So, create such an atmosphere.
Slogan: To finish all worries of the self and everyone else is to be one who has pure and positive thoughts for everyone.
* * * O M S H A N T I * * *