Tuesday, August 13, 2013

efforts for brahmins

Year of saying ‘Your’ 11-08-13
Week of Freedom from Laziness
Self Respect: I am the Foundation of this Creation and Bestower of Salvation.
- If the foundation of any tree or building is strong, then it stands tall and unshaken for
hundreds of years. Even the natural calamities also can’t harm it. In contrast, if the
foundation is weak, then even a small storm will be able to uproot it. We are the foundation
souls of this creation. Our Divine Virtues are the foundation of the Deity World. If we are
sleeping in the sleep of carelessness or laziness then will the Souls sleeping in the darkness of
ignorance ever be able to wake up?
- “Now have the determined and courageous thought to drive away carelessness and
laziness from Brahmin family” - GOD Shiva
Yoga Practice:
1. I the Foundation Soul am seated at the root of the inverted Kalpa Tree. Shiv Baba is
showering His Virtues and Powers upon me. I am merging these Virtues and Powers within
me and then spreading over to the entire Kalpa tree. All the souls are becoming virtuous and
powerful by receiving and inculcating these Divine Virtues and Powers.
2. I the Salvation Bestower Soul am taking a tour of the entire World along with BapDada and
rescuing all the souls who are in sorrow, disturbed and misguided. We are showing all of
them the path of salvation, and liberation while being in life.
Point of Inculcation: Zeal and Enthusiasm
- Baba always says that, where there is zeal and enthusiasm, the carelessness and laziness can’t
stay. Hence let us use our wings of zeal and enthusiasm and keep flying towards our goal.
- Write down at least 10 such thoughts which can increase your zeal and enthusiasm.
Point of Churning:
- What are Laziness and Carelessness?
- What are their signs?
- What are the reasons for their arrival in our lives?
- What are the means to get rid of them?
For the Effort Makers:
O’ the great Tapaswi Souls, once brother Nirwar returned to Madhuvan after a long service trip.
Baba summoned him and asked him to immediately leave for another place on service. Brother
asked Baba if he could take rest for few days and then leave for that service. Then Brahma Baba
told him one thing which we all should imprint deeply in our minds. Baba said, “Child, till the
time we establish our Golden Aged Kingdom, taking rest is a sin”. Hence O’ the great warriors,
rise and get rid of laziness and carelessness and get busy in your Divine task.