Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The secret of meditation

On the earth there is probably 7 and a half billion souls and if you could practically ask them how they would meditate they would probably give you 7 and half billion methods, thats if indeed they were interested. There are no hard and fast rules except they must work, and give a sense of self respect and peace too the practitioner. The secret or key is concentration and the secrets of the mind. The mind in some circumstances can be suppressed leading too a short term positive outcome, but long term damage. Some use mantras and breathing techniques too calm and focus the mind, which are excellent, or listening too new age music and chanting. These are all very good but are changeable, the answer too mind control is letting your heart and mind become so overflowing with unlimitedness and peace and experience that it naturally and automatically becomes focused and concentrated. This is in fact dharna or dharma or true experience, for the soul in its original form before we adopted physical costumes, before we were broken into a million thoughts, was of peace and silence, all knowing , all compassionate, all blissful, a bit like God always is. We come from a world or home of infinite peace and silence, glowing golden red, Our consciousness and experience just needs too reconnect too that feeling once again. Don't worry it is also recorded in us anyway in our original akashic records or subconscious memories, even if we are a heavy metal guitarist, we have all experienced soul world, thats where we came from