Saturday, September 14, 2013

Dadi Janki speaks

Dadi Janki – 10th September 2013 (pm) - Shantivan
Murli makes the soul dance…
The soul, in its original stage is like a diamond. This is our birth which is as valuable as diamonds. Ask yourself; have I
become a true diamond? Am I settling my accounts and becoming free, or am I creating more accounts? Dadi remembers
when she was young that there was more honesty in the world than there is now. Nowadays, people don’t hesitate to lie and
they keep lying again and again. Nowadays there is so much falsehood; there is illusion upon illusion - the body is false, the
world is false… and people are trapped in illusion. There is also conflict of nature and sanskaras. It is only Baba who could
teach us how to dance in happiness. To be able to dance I need to have realisation and to have realisation I have to keep
Baba’s versions inside me. I have to read the Murli and revise it again and again. When there is realisation, the soul dances.
There is magic in the Murli. It is the Murli that keeps the soul light. The Murli helps us to remain up above like angels.
Remember that maya is a hunter. If you keep your feet down on the ground she will hunt you down… Baba speaks of having
faith in the intellect and if you want to keep flying it is essential that you maintain your faith. The one who has a faithful
intellect is victorious. Impossible becomes possible for one with a faithful intellect. Dadi has seen this in practical many times.
The soul will not even need to think; it just happened as if Baba made it happen.
In the Supreme Region we stay close to Shiv Baba. Now, we are guests in this world and Baba has also come as a guest.
We have to stay in remembrance of the home and also in remembrance of Baba. Remembering our sweet silent home helps
us to move towards the karmateet stage. It is the time to not only stop performing negative karma but to destroy all the past
sins of previous births. Ask yourself whether you have settled your karmateet stage. If I have not attained my karmateet
stage by my final moments then what will be my condition? On the path of bhakti there are two levels of devotion; that which
is done from the heart and that which is done for namesake, out of blind faith and that which is done for show. So ask
yourself: am I doing all my service from the heart or…
It is only now that the soul can play a part in the drama with God as a direct companion. We have the chance to sit with You,
eat with You, dance with You, speak only to You… Do you take this opportunity? Each one of us is playing a wonderful part
in this way. Pay attention on your part whilst being the detached observer of the parts of all other souls. There will be
differences of position in the kingdom; it is now that I am making a choice of what position I will claim in the future. So how
should my sanskaras be? How should my nature be? There should be no shadow of maya on me now. No stress also.
Stress affects the body. So ask yourself what are you still stressed about? One who has deep faith does not experience
stress because stress comes from worrying about the self, others and what has happened or what will happen. Baba has
told us to leave all these unnecessary thoughts. It is the moment to become a carefree emperor. We have to live in this body
but to remain carefree. Rest is the best medicine but it is not only the body which needs rest. The mind also needs rest.
Keep your mind peaceful and your body will experience rest. I have to now be liberated from stress. If you liberate yourself
from stress then whoever comes near to you will also be liberated from stress.
Now remain happy; may you have a long life, may you never be separated, may you not remember anything… If you
practice this in life then you will see how everything becomes good for you. Angels are remembered as those who fly above.
If you want to be liberated from everything then remember that you are on the pilgrimage of remembrance. I am a guest just
as Baba is. Destruction is ahead and Baba has said that so many people will leave the body that there will be no-one left to
cry for them… It is the time to go back to the land of liberation and God has come to take us back. We are all in our stage of
retirement. It is time for me to go beyond sound; maintain this awareness. We have to not only give the message to everyone
but we have to bring them into experience. They should feel purity, peace, power, love and happiness from us. Feelings
have the power to change the impossible into possible.
So now a) practice being a detached observer b) Realise deeply and change instantly. Be determined and consider that you
have the power to do this. c) Keep Baba’s company and give elevated company to others d) I am a sparkling star who
resides up above. I belong to the Sun of Knowledge. Practice maintaining this awareness…
Om Shanti