Monday, October 28, 2013

spiritual renaissance

After centuries of false notions, the ideal of human power and potentiality was reborn
in a period known as the renaissance. Beginning in the 14th century in Italy and spreading
throughout most of Europe, this dramatic transformation in the world of art, literature and
science spilled into all areas of life and signified a shift in human thinking. The world was no
longer flat, and men and women broadened their thinking and explored new ideas as they
began to throw off the chains of the past attitudes.

As we reflect on world history we know that periods of renaissance (literally ‘re-birth’)
were essentially periods wherein thought, aspiration and expression broke the old molds of

Fast-forward to the present day, and the ‘Information Age’ has placed at our fingertips
the ability to find out what is happening anywhere in the world. At the click of a mouse we
can discover how to bake a cake or assemble a car; we have ready access to the complex
theories of the greatest scholars, to those of new thinkers. We can uncover the history and
meaning of words (or apparently even the meaning of life!). The Internet provides us with
everything imaginable and in every form possible.

But in this WEB of information we are yet to find our OWN truth and, further, find the
time to live it! During the time of the Renaissance, individuals with a medieval mind-set were
left behind. Now in the Information and Communication Age, ‘medieval’ thinkers are
threatened with extinction.
And so after many generations of knowledge and information, more of us are answering
an inner call to rediscover ourselves and re-new our lives. Old paradigms are crumbling and
new ones are appearing in front of us. The message is loud and clear, change or else the
world will surely change you.

This ‘spiritual’ renaissance asks us all to begin an inner journey, one where we take time
to absorb all that history tells us about ourselves, and to strive forth with new ways of seeing
and hearing. Leonardo da Vinci, polymath and archetypal ‘Renaissance man’, advanced the
notion of ‘curiosity’ – an insatiably questioning approach to life and an unrelenting quest for
discovery and learning. By asking questions and changing the form of the question from time
to time, new answers would come. For example, instead of asking the question ‘how we can
get to water?’, he asked, ‘how we can get water to come to us?’ This may seem obvious to us
today, but it was in its way a revolution at the time. His new approach to thinking was a
precursor to his many inventions, and this particular question spawned the invention of the
underwater pipeline, which changed the way the world works.

So the call of this time of spiritual awakening is for us to question OUR old attitudes, old
thinking and old ways of being. The renaissance that is dawning today invites us to the
rediscovery and the rebirth of our higher nature, to the re-emergence of the leader within. By
questioning the notions about ourselves that may once have shackled us, we can expand our
thinking and our horizons.

It’s time... to give birth to a spiritual renaissance. Transform old paradigms and make way for
the new. Increase ‘curiosity’ in order to keep learning and growing before you is threatened
to extinction!