Thursday, November 28, 2013

The difficulty of Meditation and spirituality

For a human intellect and brain too learn anything it needs a reference point. Like when your orienteering or sailing you use a compass or a sextant, but before that they used the stars and planets. So what is our reference point in meditation? , it can be a flame or a mantra or a persons (enlightened) image, etc, but is this a fixed true reference point, or is it always changing, or is my perception changing. And adapting and evolving or is it cramped and retarded, poisoned by past perceptions and hidden emotions. The same can be said for religion and other forms of dynamic thinking. Are they a true guide and reference point, steadfast, unbiast, real, a mirror for self development. The great paradox is all our touchstones in the world today are tainted by age, by manmade ideas by our own emotional crippling etc. In my humble opinion, the best way too get clarity and a good reference point is too meditate on god directly. You may ask well how do you know your meditation is correct and accurate, well that is in itself a secret (you probably couldnt get your head around for now) just start meditating first. Heres one for you too practice then come back too me, I have been doing this meditation for 27 years and its worked wonders for me. And a website I compiled too make it straightforward for the novice :) Have fun RELAX AND MEDITATE