Monday, November 18, 2013

Thoughts and the power of thoughts

You may never have thought much about your thoughts. In advertising, particularly tv and cinema, they use alot of incognito thought control and memory reinforcement techniques, like connecting a beautiful girl too a product or emphasizing family life and innocent children with a product or insurance. I, being an introverted soul, always was hard or critical of my thoughts, especially gross or negative ones. But you need a gap or space in your mind even too be critical of them (fortunately I did). Alot of people nowadays go straight from emotions and feelings into actions, like a gunslinger having a high noon showdown (at least in the movies there was music and spaces of silence) . Road rage is a classic. So just imagine every single minute thought you ever had is recorded as a memory in your subconscious memory bank and the spam filters have been shutdown. This is what judgement day will be like or a deep deep meditation session. every thought will flow back from your subconscious mind  into your minds eye, there better be some space there or alot of happy scenes as well to give space too the rubbish. So what too do with this idea???, well if your frightened now of having a Total Recall and vomiting all over your brain, meditation is a quick and easy way of slowly but surely unblocking and filtering the subconscious, with safety (especially in a group situation)(get too it) and taking control of your life once again. Website on thoughts