Tuesday, December 31, 2013

minds eye

Did you know the minds eye is a real thing, not a made up concept, the pineal gland has cells which replicate the physical eyes , in other words your dreams and visualizations are really happening, not some murmur from another dimension. And as a meditator, the clarity of your mind and actions does in fact reflect upon your physical face. This is how you can inspire others around you too move forward, too take up the torch of positive awareness, too help all the souls of the world. In Raja Yoga meditation we first of all practice soul consciousness, then god consciousness (connecting too god) then another meditation is seeing and feeling our angelic form, this is me in my skin but the whole of the body becomes light, it is very euphoric experience and so satisfying. It helps you have the experience of flying, of world benefit, of recharging every cell in your physical body. ANGELS. And too look at the secrets of the 3rd-Eye there is this link, BRain secrets