Thursday, January 16, 2014

Focus of the intellect

You know the only difference between you and me and the rest of the population is the focus of our intellects. If you are reading this blog then I know you are a searcher for truth and self realization. The intellect is basically the hard wiring of the brain combined with the souls intrinsic quest for peace, power, truth and self identity. It is actually a symbiosis between matter and soul vibration or destiny. Where the supernatural meets the natural. Normal people there intellects are dulled by everyday activities, desires, limited achievements and outcomes. That is there part as well, they actually support souls like you and I with technology, infrastructure, entertainment, don't write them off :). Though some 'normal' people are also 'abnormal' people with there own superparts too play. Look at Albert Einstein, he had such focus of the intellect, night and day he thought of solutions too agelbraic formulae, such as E=MC2. He was also vegetarian and spiritual, saying things like the whole universe revolves around God. This is also a good example of focus of the intellect. A real yogi (serious one) has even more focus, such that even there thoughts are not wasted, nor there food and drink or relationships. Because they know the deep secrets of the universe, the more energy they put into focus of the intellect the more fruit they ingest. In fact the secrets of the universe open up too them like an Alladins cave with there secret mantra of 'Open Sesame' but here it is 'Om Shanti' I am a soul and not a body, this body is my vehicle, it is not me. More on Yogis