Sunday, January 26, 2014

November India experience

oh I was thinking about telling you about my last trip in India in November
so here goes
went by myself
Went via singapore airlines, awesome service and fun crew, of course watching movies the whole way. used the ailine onboard internet like for 5 mins big mistake-$15 later
missed our connecting flight too Bombay, so waited 2 hours got there at 11 pm at night. My lawyer mate picked me up, hes a yogi as ell and a high profile lawyer, mainly land suits etc
in the high court I thought he would have a plush condo or palace, aha my mistake dirty grotty , turns out he sold his condo for million rupees this is like no joke 5 metres by 2 1/2 meters consolation satelite tv
oh and communal toilets
but he has got a van and motorbike wow
stayed 6 days awesome stuff, great eyeopener, went too Indian concert with traditional dances and acrobats, drank indian beer and indian whiskey (shhhhhhhh) went too these awesome temples on an island by boat, boat like barely sea worthy
this temple (Ajanta) look it up is carved into the side of the mtn like 12 ft high nothing brought in(such love for gods) gods and goddeses carved out of mtn perfectly done about 12 of them each one probably 1/2 an acre each
oh and we caught a little choo choo train from dock too ascent area
hawkers all the way along ascent
omg the monkeys (very hot) would steal your water bottles and drink them
then visited a day later moslem mosque on an island with connnecting bridge
(I should be a travel writer :))
king tides island becomes cut off
all along beggars (so funny) some with no arms and legs crying allah is great etc
it was like going into little persia
had the best Im talking the best sweet yoghurt and fruit there
then next day at 6.00am visited Hare Krsna temple (these people are rich)(lot of bollywood money) too the viewing of krishna and his naughty life and lives(all bullshit) but had good spiritual experiences at temples I remember when I was a god !!!!!
too be continued .............................
no pics erased them all haha
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