Tuesday, January 7, 2014


When we receive spiritual motivation from good omens, from tragedy in our lives. We become very enthusiastic about transformation, then all of a sudden we can get lost in the Maya of self doubt, and unexplained walls are reached. Remember meditation and spirituality is like flying a kite, sometimes you have too let the string out sometimes let it in, or even at times you may have too dogfight with other kites on there own spiritual flight. Remember you are not alone, other people have done it, take heed of all the leads the universe gives you, its not wrong too listen too masters advice and too listen too your own intuition, the path of the heart is actually a higher one. You can even contact me specifying your own obstacles and I can give light too that situation or shed light on that situation. ABOUT ME. An enquiring mind will always receive help it is a law of attraction. Usually the obstacle is just yourself getting in the way (I and Mine). There is an old hindu saying, 'too churn butter and make cream you need a churn' The butter is knowledge or experience, the churn is opposition,  obstacles and doubt.