Monday, February 17, 2014

God talking too humans and how?

God’s Descent   

The Supreme Soul never takes birth as humans do. He however takes a divine birth to salvage humanity. Divine birth means that He does not enter the womb of a mother; He enters the body of a human being whom He names Prajapita Brahma. He uses the organ of the mouth of this individual called Brahma to speak. He gives the knowledge to create the new world or Satyug.

The 100 year period between the end of Kaliyug and the beginning of Satyug is called the Sangam yug or Confluence Age. It is the most auspicious age because God comes on earth at that time. In fact it is the most elevated age because man becomes elevated hence it is also called Purshottam sangam yug.

Presently, we are in the Confluence Age (Sangamyug). God Shiva has descended on earth and has been teaching the ancient Raja yoga. His elevated versions are called shrimat. God is sermonising Gita once again in this kalpa during this  Sangamyug.

Brahma kumaris have been spreading His teachings since 75 years. This Raja yoga course is given free of charge. There are already around 9,000 Brahma Kumaris centres in 135 countries. Brahma Kumaris Organisation has been working with the United Nations for world peace and upliftment of humanity for more than 30 years and received many awards. 

You are all welcome to learn this Raj yoga and learn to establish a link with the Supreme Soul who is the Ocean of Knowledge and the World Almighty Authority.

To learn more about God’s descent   and the proper techniques of Raja Yoga Meditation, please visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris Centre.  There is no charge.
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Positive Thoughts

The Land of Fairy Tales, Italy

To have the aim for self-transformation is to be easy and light.

It is up to me whether I want to ask questions and get stuck in them or pick out a point of learning and move on. When I have an aim of bringing self-transformation, I will be able to use all circumstances for my own progress, without blaming or giving excuses. Today I will pick up one point from all that happens to me, that can be a point of learning. I will bring about a change in that aspect, without thinking about why it happened or who is to blame. I will be free from questions and simply implement what I learnt for self-progress.

Have Positive Thoughts

As we think so is our world. In spite of our best efforts if things
don't turn out the way we expect them to, there is a tendency to get
disheartened and we begin to have negative thoughts. These negative
thoughts further create negative situations and we find that things get
no better. Instead of beginning to change things and situations that
are going wrong, I need to work at the seed, i.e my thoughts. I need to
keep my thoughts positive under all circumstances, which will make my
actions positive too and I slowly find things changing for the better.
Filling Myself And Others With Invisible Treasures (cont.)

In yesterday's message, we had explained how soul consciousness provides us access to the ocean of the qualities of peace, love and joy that lie hidden inside our consciousness. An important point worth noting in this regard is that along with quenching my thirst, I must also have a big heart, and pass on to others the qualities that I am receiving from my inner ocean. Otherwise, over a period of time my spirituality reaches a standstill and although I am making an effort to fill myself I do not feel as content and fulfilled as before. This is because; the vessel with which I fill from the ocean can't be refilled unless I am also prepared to keep emptying it. That doesn't mean I have to drain myself spiritually.

It is just that each time I give or donate a quality from my inner ocean with a positive intention to someone; it flows from inside me and then gets transmitted to the other. Before the person experiences and benefits from the quality, I experience getting filled with it myself. Also, each time the person benefits from or even remembers the benefit in the future, he or she sends me positive energy, which, according to the Law of Karma fills me with the quality that I had donated, further. Sometimes a person might benefit or remember the benefit after 10-15 years or even more than that. Even after such a long time has elapsed, I keep receiving a return from the pure donation I have made, and keep getting filled, even if I am not specifically or consciously aware of the same.

Blessing:  May you be completely pure and through the lesson of beingfaithful to One in your Brahmin life, maintain spiritual royalty!   
In this Brahmin life, make firm the lesson of being faithful to One and imbibe the royalty of purity and this spiritual royalty will continue through the whole cycle. Out of all the souls in the supreme abode the sparkle of your spiritual royalty and purity is the most elevated. In the form of the deities at the beginning, this personality is the most special. Then, in the middle period, your non-living images are worshipped with the right method. In the confluence age, the basis of Brahmin life is the royalty of purity. Therefore, while living the Brahmin life, you definitely have to remain completely pure.

Slogan:  Become deities of tolerance and even those who insult you will embrace you.