Thursday, February 27, 2014

The heart chakra

Communication is best dealt with via the heart chakra, then it is real and warming , uplifting and creates harmony. People today basically have there heart chakra shutdown due too childhood abuse, materialism, lack of self respect and moral erosion. Now and then a glimmer of light is seen there with teenage sweethearts, beautiful songs and music and feelgood movies, but on the whole it would look like a shrivelled orange. Too open it people try deep meditation,aura cleansing etc , because in a world of cut and dry, black and white it can be a daunting thing too open. Hedonistic values and meditations and prays just wont cut it, we need too experiment with open real conversation, dancing and fun activities combined with deep meditation. One famous quote given too me by a soul called Shiva Baba too the australian wing of the brahma kumaris is, ".....the ocean will flow through the heart of australia...... and god will be revealed". So my message too you is get up of your whining asses and start laughing dancing vibrating on a higher level, like there is no tomorrow, and the world will become a better place