Tuesday, March 4, 2014

senior guru in Brahma Kumaris

Dadi Janki – 3rd March 2014 – Gyan Sarovar
Question and Answer

Q. Baba gave us homework for two weeks. However, you say ‘let’s do it today’. Tell us, what should we do today?

You must have all heard today’s Murli about being introverted. Just for a second now, experience the difference between being
externalized and internalized. If you are extroverted, your waste thoughts will destroy your income. Just one waste thought will take
away so much of your power. If you think of yourself as an embodied soul, you won’t understand these things so well. So consider
yourself as bodiless. Dadi is speaking to you as bodiless souls. The quality of effort to make is to do everything you need to do, not
just today, but now. To remain introverted you need a love for solitude. In Madhuban you have the time to spend time in solitude,
being introverted. The intellect, when concentrated, can draw power. There should be nothing that destroys your stage. In the state of
being introverted you have a good connection with Baba. Time becomes profitable and successful. So make this effort today and then
tomorrow there will automatically be a pull for that stage. There will then be no issue or person that pulls you. So concentration means
to go to the fullest extent into being with One. We need to first have very good feelings for the self. We can then have good feelings for
others. So make effort from now. Some souls become happy on making a little effort. Dadi is never happy by doing a little. Until we are
complete we cannot become perfect. Dadi is saying this from the bottom of her heart – I wish all of you to have good feelings. All of
this is very easy.

Q. Are you still having realisations? Do you anticipate realisations?

Without realisation there cannot be transformation. We learned the word ‘realisation’ from Mama. From Baba’s Murli we have many
realisations; one or another point strikes us every day. It is as if Baba is speaking to me personally and that stimulates personal
checking. I should be able to catch what I need to do efore anyone gives me a signal about it. In relationships, through love and
truthfulness, there is subtle co-operation. I would sometimes go to Baba for some reason. He never needed to call me; I would catch
his signals. So catch Baba’s points and you will have realizations; we need to be able to catch Baba’s signals for us personally. In this
way we become the instruments. Someone became an instrument for us and we become instruments for others. Other than Him,
there is nothing that you need to bring into your intellect. If you do bring other things into your intellect it means you don’t have value
for time or for Baba’s touching. The whole Yagya is running on Baba’s touching. You forget this. Now, don’t forget it…

Q. Some go into hopelessness or depression. Please clarify this.

We have to accept this path. Set yourself on it positively. Don’t have expectations. Knowledge goes deep into the intellect. However,
you let an issue of sorrow or a difference of opinion affect you. Some keep thoughts which are not appropriate inside. You don’t need
to look at others. Keep courage. It doesn’t matter where you are from. Keep courage and you will experience Baba’s help. Those
things which were impossible become possible. Courage and truthfulness, when continually maintained, produce wonders.

Remember, if you see the weaknesses of others they will come into you. This will reduce your zeal and enthusiasm. You will start
talking about those things. So keep yourself safe. There is a song that says, you can recognize the beauty of the Creator through the
beauty of the creation. So see that which is good. Maintain the dignity of doing what you know to be right and leaving that which you
know is not right. We have to have such a stage that we do service through our face and behaviour.

Q. Do you mean that if you maintain courage, you will never get hopeless or depressed?

If you keep courage and take help from Baba then you will not get hopeless or depressed. Take help from Baba and from the family.
Seeing weaknesses will make you weak and you will feel hopeless. You may give many reasons and excuses but there is no truth in
them. If you are depressed you cannot think about good things. You good into waste and cannot think about what is good. So turn it
around. Think about good things by realizing the value of time and the value of good things. Depression comes when you don’t think
good thoughts. The punishment of depression comes when you think negatively. Baba tells us to eat halva even if someone leaves
the body. We have to send the soul good vibrations and keep their dignity by remaining cheerful.

Keep good company, listen to and speak of good things then you won’t get depressed. If you have the illness of depression you won’t
be able to have yoga – you won’t enjoy this life… Don’t allow yourself to go into this. Use the methods Baba has given to free yourself
from these things.

Q. What is the connection between seeing the weaknesses of others and seeing one’s own weaknesses?

To see the negative traits or weaknesses of others reveals your own ego. Dadi just becomes a detached observer and for five or 10
minutes just checks that she is not seeing any negativity. This is an aspect of charity. To see a mistake or defect in others is a form of
sin. My arrogance makes the negative traits of others visible. On the other hand if you keep seeing your own weaknesses then you
will start thinking others are better than you and you are getting left behind. This also becomes a hindrance in effort. This is why Baba tells us to consider the self as a soul and to see only Him. We need to go very deep so that we can see and change. For this,
truthfulness is essential. Each one of us needs to change. In order to do service, I need to be an example. In a procession torches are
essential in front so that others can be shown the way.

With truthfulness and love you have become Baba’s children. So take the blessing of being ever healthy, wealthy and happy from
Baba. If there is difficulty or pain within then you won’t even be able to eat the nourishment of gyan. This knowledge is very elevated;
some are not able to digest it. Some have the wish for something to happen and when it doesn’t there is subtle disappointment. So
nowadays it is essential to keep healthy by thinking pure thoughts.

I need to create the attitude that what we are doing here is worthy and is worth doing. Why would one make an excuse not to do what
Baba is saying? We belong to a royal family. People are being touched by us and by the lives we are living.

Om Shanti