Saturday, March 15, 2014

The meaning of sex

Last night I met a beautiful sister through a beautiful man. She says to me something so powerful and so deep that left me speechless with the understanding of the masculine. So our thoughts came to this....You seek to find in all these beautiful women that surrounds you, but do you really know who and what your seeking and trying to connect with? You know her, she is with you and always has been. You seek her unconditional love and complete divinity in all Goddess physical form...but what your really seeking is The Divine Mother that which already lives within you. A man was born from a woman, therefore she already is apart of you. You think its physical that your really attracted too?? your merely placing a vision and version of her in your perception of what she looks and feels like, you long to be close to spend your time making love to various women only to still feel an emptiness, leaving you wanting more and more its will STILL forever be seeking her within you..your oneness with SHE..."Queen Mother Earth". You think you know but you don't until you have truly touched her within your own soul and your honor and respect for the woman turns you to humility, humbleness and vulnerability to see in her eye's...her sacred glory. The truth is not every woman you come across in your path has to be about sexual penetration...Only the enlightened man truly knows this... You no longer serve your ego. "YOU SERVE THE GODDESS MOTHER WITHIN"

Birth and Death