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Is telepathy possible?.... and if so, how does it work?

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Telepathy is one of the divine skills which mankind has speculated about for eons; the ability to pick-up and transfer direct knowing from one being to another. How wonderful it would be wouldn't it? To be able to communicate directly with another beyond the limitation of words. And just think about all those saved mobile phone charges! So is telepathy possible? In my experience it most definitely is. In fact, although I don't claim to always get it right, for me it has become a way of life, something I'm working to perfect. So how can it benefit us and how can we learn to apply it? As with all matters spiritual, the key is to first move beyond all the hype, distortion and disinformation and truly understand what it is, for only then may we discover how it works...

Telepathic Knowing Exchange
One of my earlier awakening experiences took place during a sweat lodge and it was truly earth shattering. I guess I was in the right place at the right time in my life. I'd already done a great deal of inner purification, I was ready for something to happen - for my horizons to be broadened yet further. I couldn't possibly imagine however what was about to transpire.

I found the intense heat and the darkened intensity of the enclosed space very difficult to deal with. As the core of my being heated up, it seemed to suck my consciousness inside and compress it, like a genie stuck inside a pressure cooker! It became increasingly unbearable. I crouched low, close to the earth where it was cooler, but this only provided a few moments of respite. My lungs began pumping, trying desperately to expel the heat but to little avail. It felt like I was being crucified.

At the point I came close to passing out, something profound happened. It was like someone suddenly flipped the lid off the bottle and I expanded quickly outwards and upwards like a fountain. Suddenly I was co-exiting in two places at once. In the lower, I could still feel the pain and anguish throughout my physical body, yet the higher was an altogether more sublime experience.

I found myself within a circle of what I can only describe as "Ascended Masters". Although the words are pretty clumsy, I use them so you might get a reasonable idea of what I'm speaking. These beings were formless. I couldn't see them and they didn't offer names, yet I simply knew they were there, who they were and what's more, that at the core of my being, I was a part of them. This was Benevolent Consciousness in its perfection. This is what I've since come to call "Openhand".

What then transpired is practically beyond words but I will try. What took place was not a conversation. It was not the transfer of thought. It was certainly not a channeling. This was way beyond all such 'techniques' of communication which can so easily be distorted and confused.

What happened was pure silence. Pure presence. Yet within the presence was an activation. An activation of knowing and truth within myself. It wasn't someone else's truth although there was total recognition that the inspiration of truth had been catalysed from beings outside of myself.

The best way I can describe it is to use a tuning fork analogy. It was as if these being were able to see into the core of my being and feel my truth, truth that I hadn't yet been able to release, activate and express. They then 'sounded a note' (metaphorically speaking) and 'vibrated the note within my field' (again metaphorically speaking). Suddenly the truth was activated within me. I realised there was 'Telepathic Knowing Exchange' happening. Something I'd been adept at in previous incarnations but so far not in this one.

A story was activated within me. Not somebody else's story. It was my own. I'd just been helped by beings external to myself to activate it. I came to know this as the highest form of communication between beings possible; way beyond conversation, words, thoughts and channeling. And actually, in truth, it's something we're all capable of.

Activating Telepathic Knowing Exchange
So how can we each activate telepathic knowing exchange in our lives and benefit from the magic of higher consciousness and awareness on our journey? Here are the keys I've used to help activate it in myself...

Firstly, it is vital to move beyond the place in our lives of having an agenda. We've all heard about the power of intention, but actually intention simply fills the space through which telepathy works and writes an illusionary story over that which is wanting to be activated within ourselves. So it's about becoming accepting of the moment without needing any particular outcome.

Secondly, we must become the observer of ourselves and all our life's experiences, looking through life, but not being attached to it. This requires us to examine closely our motivations for doing things. Why we have the thoughts we do, why we make the choices we do. We must continually respond to the moment from our highest truth, not react to it from our lowest one.

Telepathic Knowing Exchange only truly happens when we're in the space of pure presence, the experience of everything/nothing. So we must keep dropping through our internal layers of distortion, desire, intention and fear. In other words, we must keep dropping into pure presence.

In the space of emptiness, where agenda is absent and we're mastering our lower motivations, work to trust that whatever next initiates within our being, is exactly the right thing. That if we look through the moment for the deeper meaning, we'll see how we're being guided forwards to exactly the right circumstances even if they may appear on the surface to be 'negative' for our personality.

No matter what transpires next, ALWAYS, BUT ALWAYS look for the deeper meaning to each moment - the higher truth. Then begin to 'connect the dots' of these apparently random chance moments. Begin to read through your life the deeper meaning - reveal your unique, hidden, destined story and begin to live it in every moment.

Listening quietly through the spaces
In essence, Telepathic Knowing Exchange is all about intuiting what we might call "Right Action". Walking forwards through life making choices by continually asking the question..."what would you have me do now?" then reading the deeper meaning... "what is being revealed about myself now?" "what am I being invited to let go of?" "what aspects of higher beingness am I being invited to express?"

If we continually do this, we'll begin to notice something - a magical gift of beingness we all possess. It is the ability to simply know what is meant to happen next and in particular, what we're supposed to do next. Knowing simply begins to land in our being.

Now in the beginning, when knowing simply lands, there's the tendency to quickly process it through the mind and write over it with thought - and especially distorted behaviours. Now we're creating an illusionary story about the truth once more instead of simply responding to the knowing as it lands. When this happens, it's so easy to quickly ignore and forget the original truth. As the famous Russian poet Boris Pasternak so eloquently put it...

"When a great moment knocks on the door of your life,
it is often no louder than the beating of your heart,
and it is very easy to miss it"

So Telepathic Knowing Exchange requires us to continually maintain the internal open space and listen carefully, watching our conditioned motivations and instead allowing higher truth the space to simply activate and flow.

Connecting to a common, higher purpose
So let us be absolutely clear, telepathy is not about trying to transfer a thought from one person to another. Just think about that for a moment. It would be like supplanting their truth about the moment with ours. In my sweat lodge experience, I realised how vulnerable one is when one is so open and transparent. I realised that it would be a contravention of the universal law of free will to impart a thought - it is simply too influential. That's why true 'Ascended Masters' don't channel, teach or instruct. They simply sound a note similar to one that is ready to be activated within ourselves.

The reason such Telepathic Knowing Exchange works so perfectly is because all souls are connected and aligned by a common higher purpose; one that is drawing us each down a unique pathway, yet each pathway is interconnecting with others and each facilitates and catalyses the unfolding of others.

In the beginning, because people are not all reading from the same script, such Telepathic Knowing Exchange between humans is likely to be a little spasmodic - stop start. However, between us and the higher realms, it can be a permanent connection if we simply hold the open space and trust that what we're feeling to do is right, always looking for the deeper meaning of what then transpires.

Intuiting the path of Right Action
If we continually do this, we cannot fail to begin walking a pathway through our lives of Right Action; action which is aligned with Higher Benevolent Consciousness and all beings working towards manifestation of the higher paradigm based on love, trust, harmony and truth.

Indeed, when we open to our highest truth in this way, we open to a family of other people doing the same thing. Then we find more miraculous chance meetings take place where another's vibration might be all that is required to activate something deep within ourselves.

We're creating a new world together. A consensus reality that works for everyone; where everyone has their own unique story, each finely dovetailing together like the feathers on the finest wing. In this new realm, it is Telepathic Knowing Exchange that helps us all fly together as one.

It's a truth and an essence which has been pretty well captured in the book and film "The Celestine Prophecy". If you've not read it or watched the film yet, I can strongly recommend it.

In love and light

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