Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Soul Bird

Your Soul Bird is Calling

“When Jay was born, the bird of his soul was born with him, and the bird built a nest in his heart” Llchi Lee – Bird of the Soul.

Picture courtesy of Bird of the Soul
Picture courtesy of
Bird of the Soul
Recently I had the opportunity to review a book called Bird of the Soul.

I am grateful that I read this book. It happens to be a beautifully illustrated very short book picture book, with a powerful message.  A message that I feel is much needed in this time of despair and disconnection. It is simplistic yet all encompassing.

The message of the book is that our soul is born the day that we are born and evolves with us throughout our lifetime.   It shows the reader that the soul in essence, is always a part of us. I love that the book can be read in a few minute’s although it includes 21 day meditation journal and meditation CD. The message it leaves is powerful and soul enriching.

Lives can be transformed in minutes.

It doesn’t use too much spiritual jargon.  A child could even read it, However there is a part in it, which caused me to become an emotional mess. It vividly describes the disconnection to our soul that we go through and how alone and hopeless we feel during this time. We have all been in this space in life, where we feel we just cant see how we can continue to exist like this anymore.

This book made me think about my children.  Children inherently are closer to their soul than adults. They get further away from their soul when they start filling their days with endless activities, day by day drifting them away from their soul.

Photo courtesy of Bird of the Soul
Photo courtesy of
Bird of the Soul

I want to try and help my children to remember their soul is always within them. Keep them feeling closer to ‘home’ as long as possible so that maybe they don’t have to go through some of the terrible pain and heartache that I have been through in my life. It has been a lovely reminder for me of the lessons that I need to teach my children to bring them closer to their Soul, to remember to always let their bird (soul) fly. There will be plenty of opportunities in their life for their Bird to break its wings and for them to feel that utterly painfully disconnection, lets hope I can help ease some of their pain by teaching them about the precious little bird inside of them.

There will be times along where we feel so disconnected that we just don’t see how we can keep going.  Remember that your ‘Soul Bird’ is still with you.  Always will be.

I wish I could read this book again for the first time.  l felt my soul inside of me swell with love.  My soul was reminding me that it is always there, never too far away… only a thought.  It is only the illusion of my life story that makes me forget about the connection. My soul loves me unconditionally… it is egoless.   I only need to remember its presence within me, within all whom I come in contact with.

“I always have been always will be waiting for you here.” Llchi Lee – Bird of the Soul

So, today ask your little Bird to enter into your life again. Connect with your soul. Watch how your life will take flight.   Join me and we can begin to venture through life’s hardships on these beautiful wings of faith, never to feel alone again. Do you feel like your soul is calling?  Are you listening?  If you listen to the soul inside of you your life will flow effortlessly.

If you are feeling despair or loneliness at the moment, this book may help. It can help you in such a short period of time also, awesome. Join in the new wave of soul connectedness; it’s the new in thing.  To give your bird wings you just have to have hope. This is why a child has such a beautiful connection to their soul. Bless their little souls. We have much to learn from children.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy of The Bird of the Soul it can be purchased through:

Picture Courtesy of Bird of The Soul
Picture Courtesy of
Bird of The Soul

And remember…

“Its okay to dream a dream that ‘s better than today. Let go now of your fear and remember that I am here.” LLchi Lee – Bird of the Soul

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