Saturday, June 14, 2014

a simple way too conquer ego

In one word, introversion and solitude will massively influence you, into chilling out your soul. People nowadays tend not too have any spaces of peace in there hearts and minds, unless of course they are really dedicated buddhists or some sort of spiritual practice. You see people jogging, or travelling on trains and buses, they are always plugged in, on some sort of device or another, no one seems content with just there own company.Why? well maybe there sold there soul too the devil, lol. That is too business, facebook, instagram blah blah blah, there not investing in introspection. There frightened of silence. Uncomfortable with there minds, I dont blame them of course, you have too fill your time with something. Why not try for one day speaking less, speaking thoughtfully and turning off all your mobile devices. We need too build up a stock of peace and silence in our lives, otherwise noise and negativity will readily fill it within a heartbeat.  There is a special group of artists, as in musicians and singers, who get together, inviting well known artists, the catch is there performance is unpaid, not recorded, and the small privy audience cannot take pictures nor record in any way, they just have too take it all in, in there hearts and minds, a one off performance. Amazing experiences have been felt by both artist and audience. Because there is no profit or recording the artists let go of there pretence and egos, and have even begun too become tearful and also audience members have experienced overwhelming feelings, a new way of performance. So for one day please try some form of introversion, you may like it, you may get addicted too it, it will change the world and the way we think.