Sunday, June 29, 2014

The truth about the power of wealth

In some ancient worlds it is said, 'Wealth is Knowledge', as in the more you know about something and can convey that too others the more power that thing or idea has and it then becomes sort after, making it of monetary value. Can be seemingly horrible ideas, like how plutonium and uranium will fuel nuclear reactors, make missiles or something simple like a quartz crystal will be a key element in a clock or watch. So basically it is the value in something that people perceive has merit. So in reality whether its diamonds or dollars or bank notes or formulas, the wealth of that is weighed up in peoples minds. Thus spiritual and higher consciousness truths also have value, actually value that is invaluable or without definition in this chaotic world. This is 'The Secret' Because with pure thought ,pure matter or atoms will accumulate around that prolonged pure thought. Look at the effect of pure energy on water and on human beings. In the old days there was a barter system in europe, so if you had an excess of pigs for example you could exchange them for wheat or lambs or something of need. Now we have an excess of activity and stress and materialism, so we could exchange those things for peace, and happiness and virtue lol. In fact if you do invest your hard earned money in say a hospital or church or ,say a cure for cancer, that group will benefit directly and you will get the blessings of those people directly involved, but also in your soul you will carry that pure action with you into your next lifetime, and reap the benefit of it. So as you sew so shall you reap.So dont spend all your money on wine and wild women and gizmos ,spare a thought for your future lives :)