Sunday, September 14, 2014

Todays Murli

14/09/14    Morning Murli   BapDada   Madhuban    14/12/78

Essence: “The easy way to remain free from obstacles.”
BapDada is very pleased to see with a vision of love you beloved, long-lost and now-found children. Seeing you in the form of being multimillion-times fortunate, the most elevated ones who are the crown on His head, He is always pleased. You are the same ones of the previous cycle who became separated and have now become worthy of claiming such an elevated status. Every child’s worthiness and speciality are always very clear in front of BapDada. BapDada knows the value of the speciality of each of you children and considers each of you to be an invaluable jewel. You are the constantly co-operative children who are embodiments of remembrance of BapDada. BapDada always stays with the variety of His invaluable jewels. The Father has made you invaluable jewels into a necklace around His neck; He has seated you on His heart-throne, made you the stars of His eyes, the crown of His head and worthy of being worshipped with Him in the world. He made you into the special deities of many devotees; do you maintain such self-esteem? Do you remain constantly stable in the form that BapDada and people of the world see you?
Today, Bap and Dada were having a conversation about the children. BapDada said: Sometimes, instead of moving at a fast speed, the co-operative yogi children, the Raj Rishi children, come to a halt. Why do you come to a halt? It is because you are unable to see clearly your future elevated destination. The test paper of the question mark: “What is going to happen in the future?” comes in front of you, and, due to this, your fast speed or intense effort changes into just effort. You lack the courage to remove the obstruction that has come or to jump over the rock on your path. Therefore, you become tired while moving along. Some of you become tired and some of you become disheartened, that is, you lose hope in yourselves. At such a time, even though you have the Father’s support, you feel yourselves to have no support. However, you forget the one second's easy method, the clever way that BapDada has spoken of from time to time, to remove any obstacle away from yourselves. The double-light form of your original form of a point of light and to be an instrument whilst performing actions - this double-light form will enable you to take a high jump in a second. However, what do you children do? Instead of taking a high jump, you begin to try to break or remove the rock. Due to this, the courage and enthusiasm you have at that time, according to your own capacity, is used up in just trying to do this, and so you become tired and disheartened. When BapDada sees you children making this type of effort, He also feels a lot of mercy. You forget that you can go across it in a second by just taking a jump. So, this was the conversation that took place today between Bap and Dada of what the children do. Because of forgetting this, you make an easy path so difficult that you yourselves become tired.
What else do you do? You create a storm of your own waste thoughts, and you yourself shake in that storm. You yourself shake the foundation of your own faith and the basis of your many types of attainment. You wonder whether destruction will take place or not; whether what God says is accurate or not; whether you should speak with faith to the people of the world or not; whether you should remain incognito or reveal yourself; whether you should accumulate everything or use it up for service; whether you should look after your family or engage yourself in service. You wonder what is eventually going to happen. The Father is incorporeal and subtle, but we are the ones who have to face everything in the corporeal form. You create such a storm of waste thoughts that you make yourself shake. You shake the foundation of your faith. Just as a storm can blow you far away, so this storm of waste thoughts also blows you away from the stage of making intense effort to the stage of just making effort. Do not get caught in such storms. BapDada asks you children: Are you still householders or have you become trustees? Since you are trustees, then who is responsible? Is it you or the Father? Then, if the Father is responsible, is it your responsibility or the Father’s responsibility as to whether something is going to happen or not and what is going to happen?
What is the first indication of an intellect that has faith? Someone with a faithful intellect means one who is constantly carefree. Since the Father has taken away all your worries, why should you worry? Why should you worry in your Brahmin life as to whether destruction will take place or not or when it will take place? Do you not enjoy your Brahmin life, the life as valuable as a diamond, the life of celebrating a meeting with the Father, the life of the stage of ascent, the life of becoming full of all treasures and the life filled with total experience? Do you wish to end this life quickly? Do you have any difficulty? On the path of devotion, you called out that you wanted to multiply everything four times of your life of supersensuous joy. So, have you now become tired? BapDada is amused by those who have such thoughts. What do you still lack that you have to have such thoughts? Since you say that He is the benevolent Father and that this is the benevolent life, then, whatever God says must be filled with many types of benefit. In that case, why do you shake the foundation of your faithful intellect by having such thoughts as to why or how He said anything? If your foundation is shaken by such small storms, then how are you going to bear the huge storms of the great destruction? This storm is just of your waste thoughts, but the storms of the great destruction will be of many different types and come from all four directions. So what will you do then? Even for such a tiny matter, in which you can go ahead even more, you have been given extra time, companionship and many types of treasures; so why are you so eager to finish everything? In your days of happiness, you should have patience and not become impatient thinking about “When” or “Why”. Stop creating storms of your own waste thoughts. Become wealthy, become powerful, let your intellect constantly have faith and take benefit at every second from the benevolent Father and the benevolent time. These days of being the most wealthy and most fortunate ones, the days of having the companionship of the Bestower of Fortune, are not going to come again in the rest of the whole cycle. At the time of destruction, you will remember this time of attainment. Therefore, according to the drama, whatever scenes of benefit are taking place in the drama, you souls have to become trikaldarshi, be powerful, courageous and enthusiastic souls; you yourselves have to remain powerful and also make the people of the world powerful. Do not wear yourself out trying to break the rocks. Do not shake in the storms that you yourself create. Remain unshakeable. Do you understand what you are doing and what you should be doing? This was the heart-to-heart conversation of Bap and Dada about you children and the games you play. Now, play such powerful games that all of those games finish. Instead of becoming disheartened, let your heart become constantly happy. Now put the sacrificial offering of such thoughts into this great sacrificial fire. Do not take them back! Sacrifice them for all time! Since you have sacrificed yourself, how can you have these thoughts? Therefore, before you leave, offer your bhog of the final sacrifice. Offer bhog of the fruits of your powerful thoughts. Do you understand what bhog you have to offer? Achcha.
To such carefree souls who have faithful intellects, to those who understand the great meaning of each of these elevated versions, to those who remain trustees even of their thoughts, that is, whatever is the thought of the Father is also the thought of the children, to the souls who are equal to the Father in their minds, intellects and sanskars, to the souls who remain close to BapDada, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

BapDada sees each and every child in the form of the most elevated souls, because no matter how great the souls of the world are, compared to you, what are they? They are nothing at all! What are the souls who are unable to claim a right to the special creation - heaven - of the eternal Father? What are the children who are deprived of receiving their Father’s property? No matter how famous the souls of today are, compared to the attainments you have, they have nothing. So, you are the greatest souls of all, are you not? Even if a President in today’s world were to ask you to become the President instead of remaining a Brahma Kumar, would you become that? You wouldn’t, would you? This is because you are aware of the vast difference between the temporary status of today’s old world, and your status for all time. So, your intellects will not bow down to that, even in your thoughts, because what are they when compared to you, who are becoming the kings of kings? They are not even uncrowned kings. At least an emperor has power, but where is that? They are crownless and powerless, and so your vision would not be drawn to them. Remain constantly aware of this greatness. By constantly being an embodiment of this awareness, you will be able to experience all attainments. You are not those who are satisfied with just a little. Who are those who become satisfied with just a little? Devotees. You are not devotees, you are those who have a right. Those who have all rights experience all their rights. Nowadays, even those who are living at home have to ask for their rights. Even servants ask for all their rights. If you give them a little less, they will ask for their full rights. The Father is the One who gives you all rights, and so attain all your rights. Do not become devotees, but become those who have a right. Devotee souls cannot go to heaven unless they become Brahmins: they have to change from devotees to Brahmins and they can then change from Brahmins to deities. When they have not the slightest trace of a devotee, they can become those with full rights. There is the difference of day and night between God meeting His devotees and the Father meeting His children. So, which meeting do you prefer? In which form do you meet God when you are influenced by Maya? “Have mercy! Bless me! Give me strength! What can I do? How can I do this? Show me the path! Do not send Maya to me!” This is weakness, is it not? If a mahavir says, “I am a mahavir, but no enemies should come to me!”, what would you call that one? A mahavir invokes his enemies, “Come, so that I can become victorious!” On seeing a test paper, a mahavir would not be afraid, but would challenge it, because a mahavir is trikaldarshi and knows that he is victorious every cycle. Achcha.

BapDada meeting groups from Rajasthan and Indore:

Rajasthan has received many blessings. It was Rajasthan that first received the facilities for service as a gift. Rajasthan is the first pilgrimage place. Rajasthan has received a blessing from both Bap and Dada. The blessing will definitely bear fruit, but Baba is looking at when it will bear fruit. Along with the mela, you also have to create such an atmosphere. Just as a magnet attracts everything to it, so let there be a spiritual atmosphere which attracts souls towards it. This is the success of the mela. While paying special attention and using the means of this mela, bring souls from every wing into contact with you. The means is one that attracts a lot and so take the full benefit of this means. Let the sound spread amongst everyone. By making effort, you will definitely receive the fruit. The day will definitely come when the numbers of Rajasthan will be listed in the list of those who have performed wonders. For this, simply become those who uplift others. By being those who uplift others, you will become those who uplift the world. This is BapDada’s special land on which the Father’s vision has fallen and so it will definitely bear fruit. The Father knows the praise of Rajasthan, but those who live in Rajasthan do not know it that much. The Father knows what is going to happen. Tell me about it when it happens. The main headquarters are also in Rajasthan, and so the centres neighbouring it will also definitely be attractive. That time will also come. Where did sakar Baba’s first vision fall? On Rajasthan. So it must definitely have some speciality. When the time comes, the curtains will open and the scene will come in front of you. Achcha.

BapDada meeting teachers:

The special task of the teachers is to remember the Father and do His service. So, all you teachers have shown good courage. You are also working hard and you are definitely seeing the fruit of your hard work day by day. Madhya Pradesh has the blessing that it will continue to be fruitful because, while being united in one direction and having a constant and stable stage, souls engaged in the one task, themselves remain constantly happy and cheerful and also make the land fruitful. Through science, you are nowadays able to sow seeds and immediately receive their fruit. Compared to earlier days, whatever you sow now, you receive its fruit much more quickly. Similarly, with the power of your silence, you will see revelation taking place easily and quickly. You are those who take a high jump, are you not? You are not those who will start to break the rock. Whatever the instruments souls are like, the atmosphere is created accordingly. If you yourself are co-operative, then you will also make souls who come to you co-operative. If you yourself are confused, you then spread those same vibrations amid souls who come to you. So, the instrument souls have to be constantly free from obstacles and remain absorbed in the love of One. You have to maintain this stage. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a double light avyakt angel who is free from speaking wasteful and disturbing words.   
In order to become an avyakt angel, finish for all time wasteful words which no one likes. It may be a matter of just a few words, but to expand on it and continue to speak about it is also wasteful. Whatever can be achieved with just four words, do not speak about it using 12 to 15 words. Speak less and speak softly; keep this slogan as a garland around your neck. Become free from words that are wasteful and disturbing and you will receive a lot of help in becoming an avyakt angel.

Slogan: Those who sacrifice themselves out of love for God are garlanded with the garland of success.