Saturday, September 27, 2014

Very special Murli with suger on top

28/09/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     21/12/78

Essence: “The form, the line of fortune and the time of the souls who remain very close throughout every cycle.”
Today, at amrit vela, whilst seeing and celebrating a sweet meeting with the children in all four directions, Bap and Dada were discussing one thing in particular. What were they discussing? They were looking at the form of the divine birth of every child and also the time, that is, the moment of their birth. The present confluence-aged life and the future life of each of the children are based on the time and the form of their birth. What did Baba see as their form? From the moment they were born, they had a sparkle of power, of Shakti, that is, having previously been separated (viyoga), they received the fortune of being connected (yoga) once again. They had the form of being thirsty and eager for knowledge, of serving and from the moment they came they also had the form of supersensuous joy. What lines of fortune came with that? That of being a bestower of blessings, of having courage and enthusiasm and of moving along on the basis of receiving co-operation from the moment of birth. In the same way, Baba was also looking at the time: whether your intellect had faith within a second, whether you developed faith after taking the seven days' course, or whether you took longer than that; whether your intellect had faith after battling between faith and doubt, or whether you are still battling as you move along. To have faith in a second means to be amongst those who are taken beyond with just a glance. The second number is of those who are taken beyond by elevated words. The third number is of those who die alive after finding out the value of the Businessman's bargain. The fourth number is of those who, on the basis of their little attainments, love, connections and transformation, have faith one moment and doubt in the next. Today, Bap and Dada were looking at and discussing all these aspects of you children as to whether your dying-alive life is one of being constantly free from obstacles, of being a constantly intense effort-maker, of being a constant embodiment of experience through your attainments, whether you are leading a life of making effort, or whether you are leading a life where you are constantly going up and down. The basis of all these three types of life is the form, the line of fortune and the time.
Do you know the form, line of fortune and time of the souls who remain extremely close and multimillion­ times fortunate every cycle? Such souls came and belonged to the Father within a second. On the basis of the touchings they received of their fortune in the previous cycle, they will experience from birth that they don't have to become Brahmins, but that they were Brahmins previously and are also that now. They would have a feeling of belonging within a second. The moment they saw Baba, they recognised Him. What would be the form and line of fortune of those who took that much time? What would be the form of those who are in the first number, as related just now? From the moment of their birth, they received a right to all the property. Similarly, they received the right to experience each and every form. Just as a whole tree is latent in the seed, so too, the foremost souls, the souls who are close to the Father, the souls who came during the number one period, would experience the treasure of all forms of attainment as soon as they came. They would experience that form to be their original form.  To experience happiness and not peace, or to experience peace and not happiness or power, is not the experience of those who come in the first period.  They claim a right to their inheritance within a second.  This is their time and their form.
What would be their line of fortune? They would not have the slightest thought as to whether their intellect already has faith or whether they still have to develop faith, but they would have the line of fortune of their intellect having natural faith from the moment of birth. They would not go into the details of "How?" or "In this way or that way", but would naturally have faith; they would have no questions as to how to develop faith. Other souls too would clearly be able to see the line of unbroken faith throughout their whole lives. The line of their fortune of faith would be constant and not broken every now and then. The tilak of victory would be constantly visible on the forehead, that is, in the consciousness of those who have such a line of fortune. Just as the future form of a Brahmin as portrayed in the picture of Shri Krishna is of one who has a crown from the moment of birth, so too, from the moment of birth, those who have this fortune would have the crown of responsibility of service and would be constantly playing with the jewels of knowledge. Such souls would be leading lives in which they are constantly swinging in the swings of remembrance and happiness. In every act they perform, they would constantly experience the hand of blessings over them. In every activity throughout the whole day, they would experience the Company and closeness in all relationships and also experience the company in the corporeal form. They would be easy and natural yogis. These are the signs of those who are number one in the form, the line of fortune and the time.  Now, check yourself. How many would there be in the first number form, line of fortune and time? Eight or 108? Which number does each of you have? You can still change it even now. Those of you who have come last can go fast. There is still room for transformation. The "Too late" board has not yet been put up. Incognito effort-makers, those effort-makers with single-minded determination, day and night, can take this high jump. Therefore, take a chance in the lottery of making effort to make your fortune the foremost fortune, and you might win it. Do you understand what you have to do? This is your last chance. Therefore, let the past be the past and make your future elevated. This is why BapDada is still giving everyone a chance. Don't complain afterwards and say that you could have done it, but didn't do it because you didn't have time or because the circumstances weren't right. Even now, the hand of mercy of the merciful Father is over everyone.  Therefore, have mercy on yourself.  Achcha.
To those who constantly experience the Father's hand of blessings over themselves, to those who constantly have mercy on themselves and others, to those constant yogis who have a constant and unbroken line of faith in their intellects, to those who constantly have a tilak of victory, to those who have had a crown from their moment of birth, to the children  who are constantly seated on the heart-throne, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups:

1. The stage of being beyond by remaining aware of your original land and original form.

Do you constantly remember your stage of your original form and your original land? When you remain aware of the incorporeal world and your incorporeal form, then, although you have to live in this old world, you are able to become full of love and completely detached. You do not belong to this world anyway. You are residents of the incorporeal world who have incarnated here for the sake of service. What do those who incarnate remember?  They always remember the task for which they incarnated.  An incarnation incarnates to establish a religion. So, since all of you are also incarnations who have incarnated to carry out a task, what do you always remember? This task of establishing a religion! You are righteous souls who are constantly engaged in the task of establishing a religion, and so you are incarnations of power (Shakti), are you not? All of you Shaktis are incarnations. Pandavas are also the form of Shakti. Just the One is the Almighty Authority, the One with all Powers and all the others are just Shaktis. So, all of you are incarnations of power. If you just remember this, you can experience such a sweet life. We do not belong to this mortal land, but we are incarnations. If you remember just this small thing, you can remain beyond. If you don't consider yourself to be an incarnation, but a householder, then the cart of your life would remain stuck in the mud. A householder means to have the stage of being burdened, whereas an incarnation is one who is completely light. One is trapped and the other is completely detached. If you become caught up in the spin of being sometimes a householder and sometimes an incarnation, you would only sometimes, and not all the time, experience this confluence-aged elevated life to be a life filled with wonderful happiness. You won't receive days of such happiness again. Each and every day of the confluence age is extremely lovely. So, how are you spending these lovely days of the confluence age? Do you spend them in an invaluable way or only in an ordinary way? Each second has value - do you know that value? The elevated reward of 5000 years is based on just these few moments, and so you should use these invaluable moments in an invaluable way. To use them in an ordinary way means to make the value of jewels the same as that of stones. If you are wasting your time, you are using the jewels as stones. To value time means to value yourself. You do, of course, recognize the time, but to behave as an embodiment of recognition is a matter you have to pay attention to. What can you not achieve in just one second of the confluence age? Within a second, you can leave here and tour everywhere in all four lands and then return. Have you experienced this? You are not wasting your time in trivial matters, are you? Now take a high jump! The time of moving along slowly has now finished. Childhood is the time of mischievous behaviour. The mischief of childhood can also be enjoyable, but would it seem right to be mischievous after you have grown up? Your childhood has passed by and you have now reached your stage of retirement. This mischief no longer seems right. During your stage of retirement, you have only one task left, and that is to remember the Father and do service. Even when you sleep, there is remembrance and service. This is known as the stage of retirement. If, even now, you still have any particular aspects or sanskars of childhood, then finish them now! To say that you have a certain bondage  or ask what you should do or how you should do it is all like childish mischief. Are those days now over? When you do not recognize yourself as one who is trikaldarshi, you ask: What can I do? Don't waste any more time in this. "It should happen like this, but...", "I want to do it, but I am unable to do it" etc. are all childish games that should now have ended. Now, celebrate this completion ceremony.  Achcha.

2. To consider yourself to be a trustee is to experience a powerful stage.

Do all of you constantly move along whilst considering yourselves to be trustees? A trustee is one who is constantly light, whereas a householder is one who is constantly carrying a burden. If you are a householder, you would be in the stage of descent, whereas if you are a trustee, you would be in the stage of ascent. Trustees are constantly carefree emperors, that is, they are beyond any type of worry. They have the spiritual intoxication of being master almighty authorities. No matter what the circumstances are, they would always remain light and detached and not even slightly influenced by the atmosphere. When you consider yourself to be a householder, the questions of "Why?" and "What?" etc. arise. When you consider yourself to be a trustee, you are able to apply a full stop. To put a full stop means to experience a powerful stage.

3. In order to make your stage like that of Angad (the unshakeable one) make the foundation of your faith strong.

Are all of you as unshakeable as Angad? Are you able to remain unshakeable in every type of Maya's upheaval? None of Maya's attacks should be able to shake your stage. What causes your stage to shake? Your stage shakes when your foundation of faith is not strong. When you have the faith that the time is beneficial, and that there is benefit in every situation, then, no matter how many storms come, they will not be able to shake you. Now, make the foundation of your faith strong by watering it with intense effort, and you will remain as constantly unshakeable as Angad. Then, you will not consider any of Maya's attacks to be an attack. The time of shaking has now passed. If you are still continuing to shake even now, then you would also shake at the time of the final paper and then fail for birth after birth. Therefore, strengthen the sanskars of awareness. Constantly remember that the memorial of Angad is your memorial and you will receive strength.

4. A constant stage in order to make your courage and enthusiasm constant.

Are your courage and enthusiasm constantly stable? When your stage is stable, your courage and enthusiasm will also always be stable; they will not fluctuate. What is the reason for sometimes having too much and sometimes too little courage and enthusiasm? It is because you don't constantly experience having all attainments in front of you or in your awareness. Nowadays, temporary attainment brings about courage and enthusiasm, whereas this attainment of everything is for all time, and so keep a list of all your attainments in front of you at all times. Since your attainment is unshakeable and stable, your courage and enthusiasm should also be likewise. Who would have mischievous sanskars of allowing the mind to become mischievous or allowing their stage to shake instead of keeping it stable? You are the oldest and most experienced souls in the whole world, so why should there be any mischief? By constantly keeping the Father and your attainments in front of you, you will become unshakeable and stable and all obstacles will end. You have had the tilak of victory on you from your moment of birth. Simply pay attention that it never rubs off. You should constantly have new courage, new enthusiasm and new plans. Create such instruments for service through which there will be greater success and less expense. There is still a margin for a lot of service to be done, and so fill that gap. Let there definitely be some speciality and newness in every programme.  Make plans to give everyone an experience.  Achcha.

Speaking to Teachers:
Teachers are equal to the Father, are they not? Just as the Father is the Teacher, similarly, you are also teachers and so that is equality, is it not? What would you call someone who is equal? Friend.  Teachers are also BapDada's friends. If you remember the relationship of friends, you will become easy yogis. The relationship of a friend is a very close one. Friends are clear with one another; they are not as clear with their parents. If you remember the relationship of a friend, then the practice of "I eat with You, I sit with You, I play with You", will become easy. So, congratulations to all friends. There are teachers from both Punjab and Delhi, so, both are brothers and sisters. Delhi are the brothers and Punjab are the sisters. Punjab has also emerged from Delhi, has it not?  Achcha.  Om shanti.

Blessing: May you be a contented  soul who remains stable in the stage of a detached observer while observing the games of adverse situations.   
No matter how many the situations that come as such that they make you shake, become stable in the stage of a detached observer and you will experience everything to be a puppet show; that it is not real. Observe the play while maintaining your honour. The elevated honour of the confluence age is to be a jewel of contentment and to remain content. Souls who maintain this honour (shaan) cannot be distressed (pareshaan). The special gift from BapDada at the confluence age is that of contentment.

Slogan: Become so cheerful and happy that the happiness in your mind is clearly visible on your face.