Saturday, October 4, 2014

A note on where these murlis come from

These murlis are recycled talks or dictations from 1937 till now, spoken through the mouth of the trance medium, brahma baba (his spiritual name), where the supreme soul ,God, Allah (whatever name you are akin too) enters his body and speaks. Both the soul and supreme soul are conscient points of light, so its not hard for them too do this. You may have seen other trance mediums like Abraham etc. or even a drunk or drug addict can be possessed by bodiless souls, but here it is all done nicely, Brahma was chosen because he is the reincarnated soul of Krishna of many thousands of years ago (as in Sri Krishna). There will be current descentions of God in October(late) which I will post. Happy journeys. A website on Brahma Baba      A website on the murlis Oh and nowadays since Brahma Baba died they use a new trance messenger with whom both God and the soul of Brahma descend into and talk her name is Dadi Gulzar (seen in video)