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Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.2014 in hindi:
Avyakt Murli dated 12.10.14 in English:

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19/10/14    Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     28/12/78

Essence: “The revelation of God is based on truth and truth is based on cleanliness and fearlessness”

Today, BapDada is seeing all His children in their form of the Shakti and Pandava Army. The Army General is happy to see His army and is also seeing what the maharathis (elephant riders) and the horse- riders are doing. What are the maharathis doing and what are the horse riders doing? Both are playing their own parts. Up to now, according to the drama, whatever part each of you has played would be said to be good, numberwise, but what do you have to do now? What bravery do you maharathis now have to show? BapDada is especially looking at the mahavirs and mahavirnis’ (female mahavirs) part of service. How far have you advanced on the field of service? An Army General would be constantly looking at the map to see how far his army has advanced and how much area they have conquered. He would also be constantly watching to see how many weapons, how much ammunition and equipment they still have in stock, what their aim for the future is, how far they are from their aim, at what speed they are advancing. Similarly, BapDada has also been watching the map of service from the beginning until the present. What result did He see? He saw you mahavirs and mahavirnis advancing on the field of service. You have all your weapons with you and you are increasing your area of occupation. However, you have only been dropping bombs of the soul; as yet, you still have to drop the bomb of God.You have used the different weapons of the experiences of spiritual happiness and of spiritual peace, of the experience of spirituality, numberwise, according to the time. However, the ultimate bomb is the bomb of the revelation of the Father. Let the sound emerge from whoever sees you or comes into contact with you that the Father has come. The direct task of the Almighty Authority is now taking place. This is the ultimate bomb through which the sound will spread everywhere. This task still remains to be accomplished. How and when will you achieve this? The basis of the revelation of God is truth: truth is the revelation. One is the truth of your own stage and the other is the truth of service. The basis of truth is cleanliness and fearlessness. Revelation will take place through the inculcation of these two qualities, through truth. If there is any kind of uncleanliness (dishonesty), that is, if there is the slightest lack of truth and cleanliness, it will not allow you to succeed in your task of revelation.
Truth and cleanliness: Truth means to be constantly stable in your original satopradhan form of what you are and who you are. Neither the rajo stage nor the tamo stage is your original stage of truth. Those stages come from the influence of company. Whose company? The company of Maya, Ravan. The true stage of a soul is his satopradhan stage. So, firstly, there is this truth. Secondly, there has to be the satopradhan stage of truth in your words and deeds. Do your words and deeds still have the rajo and tamo stages mixed in them? Is there truth in your sanskars in a natural way or do you have to bring about this stage of truth by making effort? Just as the Father is called the Truth, so, the real form of the soul is also that of truth. Truth is the satopradhan stage. Do you have such truth?
Cleanliness: If you touch or adopt any impurity, defect or anything bad, even slightly, even in your thoughts, there would then not be total cleanliness. Just as you wouldn’t like to see any type of physical dirt and would avoid such things, so too, to think about anything bad is the same as touching something dirty. To listen to, to speak about or to do anything dirty is to take that into yourself. Cleanliness means that there shouldn’t be the slightest impurity in your thoughts. This is known as truth and cleanliness. The second aspect is of fearlessness. The definition of being fearless is also very deep. Firstly, in order to become victorious over your old tamoguni sanskars, there has to be fearlessness.To say, “What can I do? I am unable to do this; my sanskars are very powerful”, is not being fearless. You should be fearless in harmonising your sanskars with the sanskars of others when interacting with them and in transforming the sanskars of others. Secondly, if you are afraid and wonder whether you can carry on, whether you will be able to fulfil your responsibility, or whether or not others will accept what you say, then, that too is not being completely fearless. Thirdly, whilst seeing the atmosphere and the strong principles of many souls in the world and on the field of service, to be even slightly influenced by their strength or their atmosphere is also a type of fear. You should remain fearless even whilst anticipating that something will be spoilt, and that upheaval and chaos will result.
When those branches that have emerged from you, the trunk, that is those who just have a little knowledge of the soul are able to be fearless in revealing their temporary beliefs; if they are fearless even with their limited intellects in proving something to be true, then, since they are firm and unshakeable in proving falsehood to be the truth, it means that for you to hesitate in revealing the elevated directions of the Almighty Father and His original and eternal truth is to have fear. The branches constantly sway, but the trunk is unshakeable. So, if the branches are fearless, but the trunk is fearful and hesitant, what would you call that? Therefore, now check your cleanliness and fearlessness which form the basis of revelation. This is known as the truth. Revelation will take place on the basis of this truth. As yet, the last powerful bomb for the revelation of God has not been used. In the result up to now, you Raja Yogi souls are elevated, Raja Yoga is elevated, your task is elevated and your transformation is elevated; all of this has been revealed. Nevertheless, the fact that it is the Almighty who is teaching you, the fact that the Sun of Knowledge has risen on the corporeal world is still incognito. What is going to be the result of this Godly bomb? All the limited supports of all the souls of the world will finish and they will experience the one Father to be their support. When the bombs of science are used, whole countries will be wiped out; nothing of what they were in the beginning will be visible; everything will be finished. Similarly, through this final bomb, all the temporary supports for your spiritual endeavours will finish, and the Father will be revealed amidst everyone through the correct means of Raja Yoga. The World Father will very clearly be seen in the whole world. The same words will emerge from all the souls of all religions: “This is our Father”. Not the Father of the Hindus or the Father of the Muslims, but “the Father of all of us”. This is called the final revelation through the Godly bomb. Now, did you understand the result of what you are doing and what you have to do? This year, drop the Godly bomb. Bring about the revelation of the Truth on the basis of your cleanliness and fearlessness. Achcha.

To those who reveal such a Father to the whole world, to the easy Raj Yogis who are constantly fearless and constantly engaged in the one concern, who are constantly intoxicated and are entertaining, to those who are bringing the final moments closer, that is, to those who fulfil the desires of all souls, to those who are oceans of mercy and compassion like the Father, to such merciful children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups: 

Do all of you remain constantly happy singing praise of your elevated fortune? Would you ever receive such elevated fortune anywhere else that God, Himself, sings praise of? If you don’t receive this fortune now, you won’t ever receive it in the future. Do you experience this happiness? Let the star of your fortune constantly sparkle so that everyone’s attention is automatically drawn to your sparkle and wonder what it is. When the star of fortune is constantly sparkling in the centre of the forehead of each of you children, the vision of all the people of the world will automatically be drawn to you. They will wonder what star of fortune it is that they are seeing. Just as when a special star sparkles particularly brightly, everyone’s attention is automatically drawn to it, in the same way, let the sparkling star of fortune attract everyone. The sparkling star should be visible to you and to all the people of the world. Something you see sparkling would draw your eyes, even though you may not want to look at it. So, even though people are looking everywhere else, their vision will ultimately fall on you. Do you experience your sparkling fortune to this extent?

The result of an elevated stage at this time is an elevated status throughout the cycle.

Those who have an elevated stage at this time will receive an elevated status. In their form of being worthy of worship, they will be the most elevated ones in the whole world. As children of the Father they will be elevated, they will be elevated on the path of devotion and, in knowledge too, they will be the elevated ones who rule the elevated kingdom. Because every part they play is elevated, they experience themselves to be the highest-on-high souls.

Blessing:May you be equal to Father Brahma and do everything with the balance of being royal and simple.  
Just as Father Brahma remained ordinary, neither too high nor too low, similarly, the discipline for Brahmins from the beginning until now has been to be neither completely simple nor too royal. They should be of a medium level. There are now many facilities and there are also people who give the facilities, but, nevertheless, when you carry out any task, let it be of a medium level. No one should say that there is a lot of splendour of royalty here. To the extent that you are simple, so too, remain royal: let there be a balance of the two.

Slogan: Instead of looking at others, look at yourself and remember: Whatever I do, others who see me will do the same.