Saturday, November 1, 2014

the one from so far away has come too be your support

2/11/14     Madhuban     Avyakt     BapDada     Om Shanti     31/1/98

“In order to pass with honours, check the account of all your treasures and accumulate them.”
Today, BapDada is pleased to see the fortune of all the young and old children of this land and abroad. Throughout the whole cycle, no one apart from Brahmin souls has this fortune. Even the deities consider Brahmin life to be elevated. Each of you should examine your life from its beginning and see how elevated your future has been from the moment you took birth. As soon as a child takes birth, he receives the fortune of being sustained by his mother and father. Then he receives the fortune of education from a teacher. After that, he receives directions or blessings from a guru. Who gives you children sustenance, teachings, blessings and shrimat? You receive all three from the Supreme Soul. Look how only a handful out of many receive God’s sustenance! No one, except you receives teachings from God, the Teacher. Only you receive shrimat and blessings from the Satguru. So, do you know your fortune very clearly? Do you continually swing whilst keeping your fortune in your awareness? Do you sing the song, “How wonderful is my fortune!”?
At the time of amrit vela, when you wake up, you wake up absorbed in love for God. Love for God awakens you. The day starts in love for God. If you didn’t have this love, you wouldn't be able to wake up. Love rings the bell of your clock. The bell of love awakens you. Throughout the entire day, God’s company enables you to carry out every task. Your fortune is so great that the Father Himself leaves His supreme abode in order to come here and give you teachings. Did you ever hear that God leaves His home every day in order to teach you? No matter how far away souls come from, no place is further away than the supreme abode. Is there any land further away? Is America or Africa as far away? The supreme abode is the highest land. God, the Highest-on-High, comes from the highest-on-high land to teach the highest-on- high children. Do you experience your fortune to be like this? In the form of the Satguru, He gives you shrimat and also His company in every task. He doesn’t just give His directions, He also gives you His companionship. What song do you children sing? Are you with Me or far away from Me? You are with Me, are you not? If you listen to anyone, it is the Supreme Teacher. When you eat, you eat with BapDada. When you eat on your own, that’s your mistake. The Father says: Eat with Me! You children have also promised: I will live with You, I will eat and drink with You, I will sleep with You and I will return home with You. You mustn’t go to sleep on your own. When you sleep on your own, the dreams you have are bad or have bad thoughts in them. However, because the Father has so much love for you He always tells you to sleep with Him. Do not sleep alone. When you awaken, you awaken with the Father, when you go to sleep, you go to sleep with Him; when you eat, you eat with Him and when you go for a walk, you also walk with Him. When you go to your office or business, you are just a trustee of that business, and the Father is the Master. When you go to work, you know that your Director, your Boss, is BapDada. You are just an instrument, and are doing everything under His directions. When you sometimes become sad, the Father becomes your Friend and tries to cheer you up. He also becomes your Friend. When you shed tears of love, the Father comes to wipe away your tears; He places your tears, like pearls, in the jewel-box of His heart. When you sometimes become mischievous and sulk - and you do sulk in a sweet way - the Father comes to make it up with you. He says, “It doesn’t matter, child. Now, move forward. Whatever happened has now become the past. Forget it! Let the past be the past!” He tries to make it up with you in this way. So, with whom do you spend your whole day? With BapDada. Sometimes, BapDada is amused by the children when they say, “Baba, I forget You.” On the one hand, you say that you are combined. So, can you ever forget the One with whom you are combined!? When you are with someone, how can you forget the one who is with you? So, Baba says: “Well done, children!” You have so much strength that you are able to separate yourself from the One who is combined with you! You are combined and yet even a little bit of Maya separates those who are combined'!
When BapDada sees the games the children play, He says: Remain constantly aware of your fortune. What happens is that you think, “Yes, my fortune is very elevated’, but you just become the embodiment of those thoughts, you do not become the embodiment of the consciousness. You think very well, “I am this, I am this, I am this”. You also relate it all to others very well, but you now have to become the embodiment of what you think and say. You lack becoming the embodiment of that. Become an embodiment in every aspect! Experience the form of whatever you think! The greatest form is to become the embodiment of your experience. When you are in the supreme abode in your eternal form, you are not an embodiment of thoughts, but an embodiment of consciousness. You don’t even have to think, “I am a soul, I am a soul”. You are that form. In the beginning, you become the embodiment of the effort you make at this time. You don’t have to think, “I am a deity, I am a deity”. You are that form. Therefore, since you are an embodiment in your eternal form and your original form, now become an embodiment at this time also. By your becoming this embodiment, your virtues and powers automatically emerge. When someone of any occupation is set on his seat, the abilities and duties of that occupation automatically emerge. So, if you too remain constantly set on the seat of your form, then every virtue, power and type of intoxication will automatically emerge. You will not have to work hard for this. This is known as the natural nature of a Brahmin, finishing other types of nature of many births. The natural nature of Brahmin life is to become an embodiment of virtues and an embodiment of all powers. All the other types of old nature are not the nature of Brahmin life. You say, “My nature is like this”, but who is saying “My nature”? Is it a Brahmin or a warrior? Or, is it the soul that has become the embodiment of awareness of his previous birth, who is saying this? The nature of Brahmins is the nature of Father Brahma. So, when you say, “My nature is like this”, consider whether you can have your own nature in Brahmin life. You have to understand that if you are still trying to finish your past nature, if the nature of your past still emerges, then you should understand that are not a Brahmin at that time but a warrior; you are battling to finish the past. So, are you sometimes Brahmins, and, at other times warriors? What do you call yourselves: a warrior kumar or a Brahma Kumar? Who are you? Are you a warrior kumar? You are Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris. You do not have any other name. Do you beckon anyone by saying, “Hey warrior kumar, come here!”? Do you ever say this? Or, do you tell yourself, “I am not a Brahma Kumar, I am a warrior kumar”. To be a Brahmin means to have the same nature as Father Brahma’s nature. Never say those words. Never say them even by mistake. Do not even think, “What can I do? My nature is like this”. This is making an excuse. Even to say this is just making an excuse to free yourself. You have taken a new birth, and so how can your old nature emerge in your new life? It means you are not completely dead. You are still a little bit alive, and a bit of you has died. A Brahmin life means that the steps of Brahma Baba are the steps of Brahmins.
BapDada is looking at your fortune, for it is such elevated fortune. Therefore, those words do not seem right in front of this fortune. You are celebrating this year as the Year of Liberation, are you not? What classes do you give? It is the Year of Liberation, the Year of Freedom. Is it now the Year of Liberation, or is that to come in 1999? The year 1998 is the Year of Liberation. Those of you who think this is the Year of Liberation, raise your hands! Look! It is very easy just to raise your hand. When you are sitting in this gathering and swaying in happiness, what happens is that you just raise your hand. Now, raise your hand and make this promise from your heart: No matter what it costs, you won't break your promise for the Year of Liberation. Have you made such a firm promise? Be careful when you raise your hand! Whether it is recorded on this TV or not, BapDada is having your photograph taken. Therefore, become liberated from such weak words! Your words should be as sweet as the Father's. Your words to every soul should be filled with good wishes. This is known as words filled with significance. You should not speak ordinary words whilst walking and moving around. Anyone who suddenly comes to you should wonder whether these are words or pearls. Words filled with good wishes are like diamonds and pearls. BapDada has indicated many times that very little time now remains for you to accumulate all the treasures. If you don't accumulate at this time all the treasures of time, thoughts, words, the wealth of knowledge, the powers of yoga, the treasures of all virtues of a life of divinity, you won't easily find another time to accumulate all of these treasures. Throughout the entire day, check your account of each treasure. Just as you check your account of physical money to see how much you are in credit, so also examine each account of treasure to see how much treasure you have accumulated. You need to have all the treasures. If you wish to pass with honours, your account of accumulation of every treasure should be so full that you will be able to experience the fruit of that accumulated account of treasure for 21 births. The “too late” bell of time has not yet chimed but it will chime. You will not be told the day or date in advance. Suddenly it will be announced “Too late!. What will you do then? Will you be able to accumulate at that time? No matter how much you wish to, you will not have the time. This is why BapDada gives you this signal many times: Accumulate! Accumulate! Accumulate! Your title of this time is “One with all powers”. It is not just “One with some powers”. In the future, you will also be full of all virtues, not just full of some virtues. You have to accumulate all of these treasures now; you have to accumulate all virtues and powers now. Each and every treasure is connected with a virtue or power. Just as you don’t speak ordinary words but have the virtue of speaking sweet words, so each and every treasure has this connection.
Because BapDada loves you children, He gives you this signal again and again. In today’s gathering, there are all varieties. There are small children and also teachers, because it is the teachers who have surrendered; there are kumaris and householders as well. There are all varieties.
BapDada has one pure desire for the teachers. Should He tell you that? Will you just listen to it, or will you also put it into practice? Will you just think about it or will you also become an embodiment of it? Will you listen to it? Will you do it? It is a very small pure desire. It is not a big thing; it is a very small thing. Dadi sent a message that all centres should now become free from all obstacles. Teachers are responsible for this. However, even now, there are complaints from the teachers. The Dadis have a file on this. Ishu, who looks after the office, says that, even now, so many unnecessary letters come from the centres that the waste paper basket becomes full. It is like that, is it not? It takes time to read them, it takes time to tear them up, and it also takes time to put them in the waste-paper basket: this is unnecessary effort. Therefore, BapDada’s pure desire is that all teachers become the Father’s right hands - not left hands, but right hands. Is it good if Baba receives so much of this news from the right hands and their centres that the waste-paper basket becomes full? Say, “Yes or no!” Those who think that each of you will claim the three certificates this year- a destroyer of one’s own obstacles, a destroyer of the centre’s obstacles and a destroyer of your companions obstacles - those teachers who are ready to claim these three certificates, raise your hands! The Pandavas who live in a centre should also raise their hands! (All raised their hands.) Thank you!
Now, the waste paper baskets will remain empty. You will not have to read such letters. This one (Ishu Dadi) says that, just by opening the letters, her hands become tired. Therefore, whether you are sitting here, or listening to Baba in a country abroad or in this land; wherever you hear the murli, the one pure desire for the teachers of the entire world that BapDada has this year is: There should be no complaint from anyone. The file of complaints should now stop. BapDada too has many files. So, this year, your file of complaints should stop. You should all become fine. Even more then fine, you should become refined. You like this, do you not? No matter what others are like, learn how to conduct yourself with them. No matter what others are doing, even if they are repeatedly creating obstacles for you, how much longer are you going to spend your time over those obstacles? There has to be a completion ceremony for those too. So, do not look at others to see what each one is doing. What do I have to do? If that one is a mountain, I have to step away from him. The mountain is not going to move away! You should not think, “I will change if that one changes. Only when the mountain moves can I move forward.” Neither will the mountain move, nor you will be able to reach your destination. Therefore, if you have pure feelings for that soul, then, just give a signal and thereby empty your mind and intellect. Do not engage yourself in thinking about those who are embodiments of obstacles. Since everything is numberwise, each one’s stage will also definitely be numberwise. However, you have to become number one. Transform yourself and have good wishes for those who become obstacles and those souls who have waste thoughts. It takes a little time and a little effort, but, ultimately, garlands of victory will be placed around the necks of those who bring about self-transformation. If you are able to bring about transformation in those souls through your good wishes, then do so. Otherwise, just give a signal! Put an end to your responsibility and bring about transformation in yourself and continue to fly ahead. This obstacle is also a golden thread of attachment which doesn’t allow you to fly. It is a very subtle thread behind the curtain of truth. You then think, “This is true, isn’t it? This happens all the time. This should not happen.” However, for how much longer are you going to keep seeing all of those things and stopping? Now, liberate yourself from those subtle threads and celebrate the Year of Liberation. This is why BapDada is celebrating the different functions with you and fulfilling your hopes, desires, zeal and enthusiasm. The last function of this year will be a function for the Year of Liberation. At functions, Dadis are given gifts. So, in the function of the Year of Liberation, give BapDada the gift of your perfection. Achcha.
To all the special souls everywhere who have a right to the fortune of God’s sustenance, teachings and shrimat, to the souls who are equal to the Father and who make themselves the embodiments of their thinking, to the instrument server souls who easily attain success in service and for themselves through God’s will power, to those who constantly experience the Father in their combined form, to the companion children who constantly fulfil the relationship of companionship, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
May you experience all the powers to have emerged in yourself and become an embodiment of total success. 
In worldly life, some people have certain powers, whether it is the power of wealth, or the intellect, or of relationships and connections. They then have the faith: This is not a big thing. They achieve success on the basis of their power. You have all powers. You constantly have with you the power of imperishable wealth. You also have the power of the intellect and also of your position. You have all the powers within you. Simply experience them to have emerged in you and you will achieve success in the right way at that time and become an embodiment of success.
Consider your mind to be something valuable entrusted to you by God and constantly use it for an elevated task. 
Om Shanti