Thursday, December 18, 2014

Connecting the Energies – 144,000 – Voyage of Discovery Journal

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Are you feeling a big shift inside and out?
Are you feeling a powerful calling towards healing the world and humanity?
Do you feel there is an accelerating gathering of people all around the world who know the time is now?
Me too…
Here’s my journey and what I have been asked to do. This journal charts a rather extraordinary voyage I have recently been on and some amazing occurrences that have guided me very clearly onto my life purpose path.
During that voyage I was asked to do a number of things which were a bit of a mystery to me.
It is quite amazing how this ‘voyage’ or mission was presented to me.  I wasn’t given a clear map and set of instructions from the start to the finish.  It all just kind of unfolded in front of me.  A lot of the guidance was given to me through the messages I channel via Shamanic Meditation; I also began to channel very clear messages just in my day to day activities.  All I knew was that I needed to visit Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge and the rest just followed.
There were a number of times when I questioned what I was doing and each time I was shown the most spectacular sign that it blew away the doubts in an instant.
I have been guided to share this Journal as widely as possible because I believe it is part of a massive shift that is going on right now.  A lot of people are feeling it and I hear many people saying to me that they feel like they are ‘awakening’.
If you are feeling this or are simply intrigued to read a thought provoking read about ‘bigger’ things that are going on out there then I hope this Journal will be an enjoyable read.
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