Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Which is mightier the Pen or the sword?

Well nowadays of course its the gun or the pen or pencil, both contain lead in them. This blog of course is a reflection of what happened in France with the massacre of 12 people due too 'offensive' cartooning by french jourrnalists. Well whos /whats too blame? Of course countrys must express there horror over things and religious fanatics will express there wish for death and destruction over the dirtying of the Prophets name, The main violation the Elephant in the room is Ego and body consciousness. This article in no way will vilify anyone, in terms of meditation though, if a soul identifys themselves with a cause or an idea, completely without reason and detachment from that objective or ideal they in fact become consumed by that thought and that action, and there resultant actions bury them in there pursuits. In meditation we visualize and speak about and write about ourselves as being souls, living points of light occupying these costumes, these bodys and in this consciousness my original self is peace, like Gods. And my actions are for happiness, purity, love as are Gods, for the greater good of mankind and nature, in a state of body consciousness my attitude becomes limited, too I am Jewish, Catholic, Moslem or I am a blog writer, journalist, terrorist etc so my actions become anti social, divisive, only partially at first, but if I persist down this line of thinking and actions, especially for thousands of years or generations, downright evil, whether it be a sentence or a picture or shooting bodys in a chocolate shop. Remember who you are!