Friday, February 13, 2015

God is beyond limits

14/02/15      Morning Murli      Om Shanti      BapDada      Madhuban


Sweet children, God is teaching you. You have the jewels of knowledge. You have to do business with these jewels. You study knowledge, not devotion, here.   


Which wonderful aspect that is fixed in the drama do human beings believe to be a divine act of God and praise Him for that?


When they have a vision of the one they have faith in, they believe that God gave them that vision. However, everything happens according to the drama. On the one hand, they praise God and, on the other hand, they say that He is omnipresent and thereby defame Him.

Om Shanti 

God speaks. It has been explained to you children, that neither human beings nor deities can be God. They chant: Salutations to the deity Brahma, salutations to the deity Vishnu and salutations to the deity Shankar. Then, they say: Salutations to Shiva, the Supreme Soul. You know that Shiva does not have a body of His own. Shiv Baba and the saligrams live in the incorporeal world. You children also know that the Father is teaching us souls. No other gatherings are, in fact, the company (sang) of the Truth (sat). The Father says: They are the company of Maya. There, no one would understand that God is teaching them. Even when they listen to the Gita, they consider it to be God Krishna speaking. Day by day, the study of the Gita continues to decrease because they don’t even know their own religion. Everyone loves Krishna; it is Krishna that they rock in a cradle. You now understand who it is you rock in a cradle. A baby can be rocked, but the Father cannot be rocked. Would you rock Shiv Baba? He doesn’t become a child. He does not come into rebirth. He is a point. How would you rock Him? Many have visions of Krishna. The whole world is shown in the mouth of Krishna because he becomes the master of the world. Butter symbolises the world. Those who fight amongst themselves also fight for the butter in the form of the world. They think that they will gain victory. A ball of butter is shown in Krishna’s mouth. They have various visions, but they don’t understand the meaning of them at all. Here, the meanings of the visions are explained to you. Human beings think that God gave them a vision. The Father explains: Whomsoever they remember - for instance, if they do intense worship of Krishna - then their desires are temporarily fulfilled. That is also fixed in the drama. It would not be said that God granted the vision. With whatever faith a person worships someone intensely he has a vision of that one. That is fixed in the drama. The praise of God is that He grants visions. On the one hand, there is such great praise and, on the other hand, they say that God is in the pebbles and stones! They practise devotion with such blind faith! They think: That’s it! I’ve had a vision of Krishna; I will definitely go to the land of Krishna. However, from where did the land of Krishna come? The Father now explains all of these secrets to you children. The land of Krishna is now being established. This is the land of Kansa (demon - Krishna’s maternal uncle). Kansa, Akasur, Bakasur, Kumbhakarna and Ravan are all names of demons. They have written such things in the scriptures! It also has to be explained that there are two types of guru. One type of guru belongs to the path of devotion and he only teaches devotion. This Father, however, is the Ocean of Knowledge. He is called the Satguru. He never teaches devotion. He only teaches knowledge. Human beings are so happy performing devotion. They play tambourines. You can see how, they have built so many temples to the deities in Benares. They are all shopping stalls; it is the business of devotion. The business of you children is the jewels of knowledge. This too is called a business. The Father is also the Jewel Merchant. You understand what jewels these are. Only those who understood this a cycle ago will understand this now. Others will not understand this at all. All the important people will come and understand at the end. They too have been converted. People narrate a story about King Janak. Janak then became Anu Janak (He received liberation-in-life in a second). If someone’s name is Krishna you would say: You will become Anu (the first one), divine Krishna. Look where the all-virtuous, complete Krishna is; and then look where this one (Brahma) is! Someone’s name is Lakshmi and she goes in front of the idols of Lakshmi and Narayan and sings their praise, but she doesn’t understand why there is a difference between her and them. You children have now received the knowledge of how this world cycle turns. You will definitely take 84 births. This world cycle has continued to turn innumerable times; it can never stop. You are actors in this play. Human beings definitely do understand that they have come to play their parts in this play, but they do not know the beginning, middle and end of the drama. You children know that the place of residence of us souls is far beyond everything. There, the light of the sun and the moon doesn’t even exist. The children who understand all of this are usually ordinary and poor. This is because Bharat was the wealthiest of all and it is Bharat that has become the poorest of all. The whole play is about Bharat. There is no other land as pure as Bharat was. In the pure world, there is only the pure land; no other land exists there. Baba has explained that this whole world is an unlimited island, just as Lanka is an island. They say that Ravan lived in Lanka (Sri Lanka). You now understand that, in fact, the kingdom of Ravan is over the whole of this unlimited island. This whole world is resting on the ocean; it is an island. Ravan rules over it. All of these Sitas are in Ravan’s jail. They have made up limited stories. All of these aspects are of the unlimited. This is an unlimited drama. Within this drama, they sat and created small plays. Those films have been created now, so it is also easy for the Father to explain. The whole unlimited drama is in the intellects of you children. The incorporeal world and the subtle region cannot be in the intellect of anyone. You know that we souls are residents of the incorporeal world. The deities are residents of the subtle region; they are also called angels. There, the cages (bodies) of flesh and bone don’t exist. The part of the subtle region is for a short time. You now continue to go and come back (from the subtle region) then, you will never go again. When you souls come down from the original home, you don’t come via the subtle region, you come directly. You now go back via the subtle region. The subtle region has a part now. All of these secrets are explained to you children. The Father knows that He is explaining to souls. None of the sages or sannyasis, etc. knows any of these things. They can never speak of these things. The Father speaks to the children. Without organs, He would not be able to talk. He says: I take the support of this body and teach you children. The vision of you souls also turns towards the Father. All of these are new aspects. He is the incorporeal Father. His name is Shiv Baba. The name of you souls is soul, anyway. The names of your bodies change. Human beings say that the Supreme Soul is beyond name and form, but they still say that His name is Shiva, do they not? They also worship Him. They understand one thing but do something else. You have now also understood the name, form, country and time of the Father. You know that nothing can exist without a name and form. This too is a very subtle aspect that has to be understood. The Father explains: “Liberation in life within a second” has been remembered. It means that an ordinary human being can become Narayan. Although we have become the children of Heavenly God, the Father, we would still be considered to be the masters of heaven. However, they don’t even understand this. The Father says: Children, your aim and objective is to become Narayan from a human. This is Raja Yoga. Many of you have a vision of the four-armed image (of Vishnu). This proves that they will become the masters of the land of Vishnu. You know that, in heaven too, behind the throne of Lakshmi and Narayan, they have the symbol of Vishnu. That is, their reign is in the land of Vishnu. This Lakshmi and Narayan are the masters of the land of Vishnu. That is the land of Krishna; this is the land of Kansa. According to the drama, these names have also been given. The Father explains: My form is very subtle; no one can know it. They say that a soul is a star, but they then create a lingam. Otherwise, how could they worship? When they create a Rudra sacrificial fire, they make saligrams shaped like a thumb (symbol of a soul). On the other hand, they say that it is a wonderful star. They make every effort to see a soul, but no one can see one. They also speak about Ramakrishna and Vivekananda who said, “I saw the soul emerge from him (Ramakrishna) and merge into myself’. Now, of whom would he (Vivekananda) have had a vision? The form of souls and the Supreme Soul is one and the same. A point (of light) was seen. They don’t understand anything. No one wants to have a vision of a soul; they want to have a vision of God. He (Vivekananda) was sitting with the desire of having a vision of God through the guru. He just said: It was a light; it merged into me. He became happy with just that. He thought that that was the form of the Supreme Soul. Pure feelings are kept for the guru in order to receive a vision of God. They don’t understand anything, but who could explain on the path of devotion? The Father now sits here and explains: In whatever various forms, to whatever extent you maintain pure feelings for them, whatever image you look at, that is the vision you have. For example, if someone worships Ganesh a great deal, he would see a vision of him in the living form. Otherwise, how would his faith be affirmed? When they see a form of bright light, they think that they are having a vision of God. They become happy just with that. All of that is the path of devotion, the descending stage. The first birth is good, and then it continues to decrease until it reaches the end. Only you children understand these things. This knowledge is now being explained to the same ones who had the knowledge explained to them a cycle ago. Only those of a cycle ago will come; the religions of the rest are totally separate. The Father explains: Write “God speaks” on each and every picture. You need to explain with great wisdom. God speaks: What are the Yadavas, Pandavas and Kauravas doing? This is their picture. Say to them: Tell us, do you know the Father? If you don’t know, it means that you have no love for the Father. This would mean that you are the ones whose intellects have no love. If they have no love for the Father, they are destroyed. A loving intellect is victorious; the Truth wins. The meaning is accurate. If there is no remembrance of the Father, you cannot gain victory. Now tell and prove that the Gita was spoken by God Shiva. Only He taught Raja Yoga, through Brahma. Here, (In India) they consider it to be God Krishna’s Gita and take an oath on it. Ask them: Should you consider Krishna or God to be present here? They say (witnesses taking the oath): I consider God to be omnipresent and I shall speak the truth. There is confusion, is there not? The oath becomes false. The children who do service should have incognito intoxication. When you explain with intoxication, there will be success. Your study is incognito. The One who teaches is also incognito. You know that we will go to the new world and become that. The new world is established after the Mahabharat War. You children have now received knowledge; it is imbibed numberwise. You also have yoga numberwise. You should check yourself: How much do I stay in remembrance? The Father says: The result of this effort that you make now will last for 21 births. If you fail now, you will continue to fail cycle after cycle; you will not be able to attain a high status. You should endeavour to claim a high status. Some go to a centre but also continue to indulge in vice. Such souls continue to go to a centre. They believe that God sees everything and that He knows anyway. Now, why would the Father bother to sit and see that? If you lie and perform vicious actions, you bring a loss to yourself. You also understand that if you dirty your face, you can’t claim a high status. Whether the Father knows or not, it is the same thing. Why should He be bothered? Your conscience should bite you: By performing such actions, I will attain degradation. Why should Baba tell you? Yes, if it is in the drama, He also tells you. To hide it from Baba means to destroy the truth in the self. In order to become pure, you have to remember the Father. Just be concerned to study well and attain a high status. Don’t be concerned about whether someone lives or dies. Only be concerned about how to attain your inheritance from the Father. Therefore, you have to explain to anyone in brief. Achcha! 

To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada. The spiritual Father says namaste to the spiritual children.

Essence for Dharna:

1. Remain in incognito intoxication and do service. Don’t perform any action that would make your conscience bite you. Check yourself: How long do I stay in remembrance? 

2. Be constantly concerned about studying well and attaining a high status. Do not bring a loss to yourself by lying or performing any vicious action. 


May you be a constantly detached observer and have unlimited disinterest while seeing the iron-aged scenes of sorrow and peacelessness.   

No matter what may be happening in the iron-aged world, you constantly have the ascending stage. For the world there are cries of distress whereas for you, there are the cries of victory. You are not afraid of any adverse situations because you are prepared in advance. Be a detached observer and continue to observe every type of game. When someone is crying or shouting, there is pleasure in observing as a detached observer. Those who watch the iron-aged scenes of sorrow and peacelessness as detached observers are easily able to be those who have unlimited disinterest.


In order to prepare any type of field, as well as serving through words, also serve through your attitude.   


 Om Shanti