Monday, February 9, 2015

The Theory of Everything-Steven Hawkins unknown spirituality and super powers

I was sitting in the Max Theatre in Devonport with my Father the film buff. 'Yes Dad ok we'll go and see that whatever. (thinking silly old brainiac sitting in a wheel chair sprouting forth verbal diarrhea of scientific theorem). But then low and behold these jewels of revelation shone forth from the movie allehlujah. His wife was a devout Church of England and he was an athiest, so too speak, neither believing or disbelieving in a Prime Creator. But his amazing intellect and humble character always stated theorys which were sound . Then after that he disapproves them.  By the end of the movie he said too his wife, that the mind of God is beyond or better than nano thought and macro thought , that is black holes and quarks.  Anyhow lots of food for thought.  My theorys on these thought processes can be seen on my websites on the brain and on the wonders of Space .
Anyhow just relax and have a meditation