Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter Special knowledge

05/04/15   Om Shanti   Avyakt BapDada   Madhuban   21/11/79

“In order to bring about world transformation it is necessary for everyone to have the same attitude.”
Today, BapDada was especially checking two things in you living images and in the faces of all you children everywhere. Those were: to what extent each child has become filled with sense and essence, that is, to what extent each of you has become full of knowledge and all the powers. This is known as being Rup Basant. Rup Basant means to have sense and be essence-full. Today, BapDada made you perform spiritual drill. When all of you have the same attitude and the same vibrations in a gathering, you can transform the atmosphere within a second. Each of you is individually transforming the atmosphere, numberwise, according to your own efforts, and you maharathis are also continuing to transform the atmosphere with your vibrations. However, in order to accomplish the task of world transformation fully, all of you must have the same attitude and vibrations in a gathering. At times, there is success through the attitude and vibrations of some of you great souls and a few intense effort-making maharathi children. However, now, at the end, it is necessary for all the Brahmins to give the one finger of co-operation of the same attitude. Only when there is the finger of one thought will the unlimited world be transformed. At present, this is what you especially need to practise. The fragrance of something can spread the second it is sprayed. When rose essence is sprayed, the fragrance of roses spreads into the atmosphere within a second. Then, everyone experiences a very nice fragrance of roses in the atmosphere and their attention is drawn, even against their conscious wish, to where that fragrance is coming from. In the same way, you should all collectively spread the essence of powers, peace, bliss and love, so that souls everywhere are able to experience this and wonder where that essence and those vibrations of peace are coming from. When peaceless souls receive peace, or thirsty souls receive water, their eyes open fully and they regain consciousness. In the same way, by receiving the vibrations of the essence of peace and bliss from you children, the third eye of the blind children should open. From being in the unconsciousness of ignorance, they should regain the consciousness of knowing who they are, whose children they are and who you supremely worthy-of-worship souls are.  Are you able to perform such a spiritual drill?
From the copper age onwards, the rishis and munis, using the power of their yoga, have been able to spread vibrations of peace all around them. So, this is your creation! All of you are master creators. They would make a limited forest peaceful. Therefore, can you Raja Yogis not spread vibrations of peace, power and bliss throughout the unlimited forest? Now, have the determination to practise this constantly. All of you have started the practice of international yoga once a month; now, increase this practice. When you hold fairs, exhibitions, conferences and yoga camps, you are able to give many the message at the same time by adopting the form of Basant. You are also able to give many the message through the newspapers, TV or radio. Similarly, by adopting the form of Rup, that is, by using your power of remembrance and power of elevated thoughts, now do such service at a fast speed. Now create new inventions for this. Only when you have the balance of serving as both Rup and Basant can the final completion take place. Do you know what collective effort you all have to make for this? Even today, people on the path of devotion still speak of that effort and that image. What is that? What is the image or memorial of that effort? What image has been portrayed of the end? The same image is used for the beginning of the task as for the end of the task. What did Brahma do together with the Brahmins? He created this sacrificial fire. Therefore, the image of the sacrificial fire at the beginning of creation is also the image that represents the end of establishment. Even for the end of this task, the Brahmins have to sacrifice everything collectively into the sacrificial fire, for only then will the end of the task take place. Only then will the task of world transformation be completed. So, what was your effort? What is the effort of just one word? “Sacrifice”. When you sacrifice everything, then, instead of cries of distress, there will be cries of wonder. So, transformation will have taken place, will it not? It feels very good even to speak the word. Now, ask yourself whether you have sacrificed everything of yourself. Do you know how to sacrifice yourself?  When you sacrifice the sesame seeds and wheat grain of your old sanskars, nature and behaviour, then the sacrificial fire will come to an end. Generally, sesame seeds and wheat are offered into the sacrificial fire, are they not? When a sacrificial fire is coming to an end, people sacrifice all of those things all together. Only then would the sacrificial fire be successful. It is not considered to be good if even one thing is missing from the offerings. So, what is the effort you all have to make? You have to sacrifice everything collectively. What do you do at present? Even when someone tells you to sacrifice something and finish it, what do you do?  Instead of sacrificing it, you start to debate about it; you have a whole discussion about it. These debates are very good! The topic of these discussions is “Why?” and “How?” Many such dialogues and debates take place. BapDada hears many of these topics on His radio in the subtle region; sometimes on one station and, at other times, on another station! What would your image and actions be like at that time? They are like the Mickey Mouse films that are shown on TV in your world. Sometimes, the eyes of this character are large, sometimes his mouth is large, sometimes he comes down the ladder very quickly, sometimes he is blown about in the storms of Maya and not able to keep his balance. One minute, he is laughing and the next minute, he is crying. BapDada also sees many such games all the time. You find it amusing just hearing about this, so if you also found it to be amusing at the time of your doing it, you would stop doing it! You were told that all of this happens because you don’t sacrifice everything.
Even if someone’s old sanskars remain, because that soul is unable to sacrifice them by himself, then the gathering should then co-operate with him. How? If someone is doing or saying something which he shouldn’t be, then others should not continue to watch it or listen to it. If you were to stop watching or listening, that one would then stop doing those things. When there is no one to listen to or watch a singer singing or a dancer dancing, they stop. Co-operate in this way. This is what is meant by sacrificing. Only when all of you co-operate together in this way will the world be transformed. Together with sense, essence is also needed. However, when you come into contact with others or interact with them, whether with your family with whom you have karmic accounts or even when you interact with your pure family, there is more sense than essence. Sense means the points of knowledge which are understanding and wisdom. Essence means being an embodiment of all powers, and an embodiment of remembrance and power. Because you only have sense, you begin to debate knowledge. “This will happen anyway! This should happen!” When you also have essence, you are able to put all the details of the points of knowledge into your practical life, because the essence is the basis of all the powers, and all expansion and discussions then finish. Within a short time, you are going to have to sacrifice everything and experience the wonder (‘aha’) of the self and of Baba. You will become merged in this experience. Therefore, maintain the balance of sense and essence and you will be able to sacrifice at every second. Sacrifice your thoughts for service, sacrifice your words for world benefit and sacrifice your actions for world transformation. You will then be able to sacrifice the consciousness of anything belonging to you; you will be able to sacrifice everything old and only the Father and service will remain. So, do you now understand what effort you have to make? Surrender everything, including the consciousness of your own body, and your vibrations will then be able to transform the atmosphere within a second. Do you understand?
To those who are constantly powerful and who co-operate with others by helping them to transform themselves, to those who maintain the balance of sense and essence, to those whose intellects have just the one concern of world transformation, to those who constantly have the stage of being stable in the remembrance of the Father and service and nothing else, to such great souls who are equal to the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting the Hubli group:
Do you constantly remain absorbed in Baba and service? How can you recognise those who are constantly engrossed in the Father and service? They would constantly be destroyers of obstacles. No obstacle would be able to reduce their love. No storm would be able to extinguish those lamps; they would remain constantly alight. Are you such constantly ignited lamps? You are constant lamps. Devotees on the path of devotion keep a constantly ignited lamp in front of your images. Why do they burn this lamp? Because you were constantly ignited lamps in the living form, they keep lamps constantly burning in memory of you. Nothing covers the light, does it? No storm ever makes it flicker, does it? Your form is of light, the Father too is light and your home is also in the element of light. So, even by your simply remembering the word “light” all the knowledge will be included in that. Please take the gift of this one word “light” with you and you will easily become a destroyer of obstacles. Achcha. Have all of you people of Hubli created heaven in every home? You were previously worshippers of Shiva and you now belong to the clan of Shiva yourselves. You have claimed all rights. There is nothing left for you to ask for; you have easily attained all treasures, have you not? You have become those who have claimed all rights and so you will also enable others to become the same. You are not those who ask for anything. All your cries of: “How should I do this?” “What should I do?”, etc. have now stopped. Achcha.
Avyakt BapDada meeting mothers:
All of you Shaktis have the flag of the Father’s revelation in your hands, do you not? Just as the other weapons have been shown with the Shaktis, the Shaktis now have to hoist the flag of revealing the Father. The Father has to be revealed through each Shakti, for only then will there be cries of victory. The revelation of the Father has already taken place through the Shaktis and this is why Shiva and the Shaktis have been shown together. Those who worship Shiva will also definitely worship the Shaktis. There is a deep relationship between the Father and the Shaktis and this is why they are worshipped together. Shaktis have hoisted the flag of the Father’s revelation and this is why they are worshipped. To hoist the flag means to make a loud sound. To hoist the flag of revelation means that everyone should be able to hear the sound. BapDada is proud of the Shakti Army. Those who were not helped to move forward by anyone else have gone so far ahead that they can change the whole world. The Father has made those whom people put aside, considering them to be hopeless, into those in whom there is hope. First, the Shaktis and then Shiva; He put Himself at the back. So, never forget such a Father, Father Shiva. Always look at your combined form and continue to move along in your combined form.
On seeing the mothers, there is great happiness. When the mothers fell, they fell to the feet and when they ascend, they become the crown on the head. There would be happiness, would there not, when someone who has fallen then rises very high? For the mothers, there is just the one swing of happiness. Constantly continue to swing in this swing of happiness. Mothers have received from the Father a special lift with which to move forward. A little bit of effort on your part and a thousand-fold help from the Father. One step of yours and a thousand steps of the Father. You mothers should always have the special happiness of what you were and what you have been made into. From being hopeless, you have become those who have lives filled with all hopes. What were you in your past life and what have you now become! The world is wandering around and you have reached your destination, and so there should be happiness, should there not?
Shaktis have come into their form of Shakti (power) and this vibration will continue to spread everywhere. While living in a household, if you live as a trustee, you will remain detached. You will become an instrument to make your own life and the lives of others worthwhile. Constantly maintain the intoxication that you are the gopis of the previous cycle. Having found the Father, you have found everything. There is nothing lacking in your attainment. Constantly continue to dance with the Father in happiness. All name and trace of sorrow has finished.
The main virtue of the Shaktis is fearlessness. You are not even afraid of Maya. Are you fearless to this extent? Even if Maya comes in the form of a lion, that is, if she comes in a fearsome form, Shaktis are those who ride lions, and are fearless to this extent. Those who stay in a fearless stage grant a vision of their form of Shakti, constantly holding weapons.  The world will come to salute this form of yours.
If you mothers simply continue to fulfil all relationships with the Father, you can claim number one. If you mothers pass in becoming destroyers of attachment, you can claim a number at the front. Only this subject is essential for the mothers. BapDada gives you mothers and extra lift because He knows that you have stumbled a lot and seen a lot of sorrow. The Father is now massaging the feet of you mothers, that is, He is helping you. The Father feels a lot of mercy for you. Your whole life was wasted, and so, now pass in a short time.  Achcha.
Avyakt BapDada meeting kumaris:
Kumaris are the Father’s hands for service. All of you are the arms of Father Brahma, are you not?  Are all of you ready? Are you those with a basket on your heads - or a crown? There will either be a basket or a crown. How can you place both on your head at the same time? Are all of you co-operative? Are you ready when asked to be? You are those who move along according to the directions, are you not? If you start walking fast, you will then reach your destination. Kumaris are always content. Does Maya come to Kumaris?  Kumaris do not have any other tails (things they have to look after), so how can there be the tail of Maya? Just as you are free from the bondage of everything else, so, too, you are free from the bondage of Maya. Kumaris means free from bondage, no tails.
Kumaris are always double light. There is neither the burden of the bondage of karma nor is there a burden of the past sanskars on the soul. You are light from all types of bondage. It is like this, is it not? Kumaris means to be free, in every way, not just in terms of relationships, not just the body, but free in your minds too. You are light like this, are you not? The more you increase your speed of remembrance, the lighter you will remain. Remembrance is the way to remain double light. So, constantly keep yourself light. When any situation arises, simply don’t care! Take a jump and the situation will remain down below. Those who are light can take a very big jump.
May you truly die alive and transform all waste with your good wishes and elevated feelings.   
BapDada’s shrimat is: Children, hear no wasteful things; neither listen to them nor speak or think about them. Always think with pure feelings. Speak good and pure words. Listen to anything wasteful with a pure intention. Be one who has pure and positive thoughts for others and transform the motive behind the words. Always let your feelings and intentions be elevated. Transform yourself and do not think about the transformation of others. The transformation of the self is the transformation of many others. Let it be “I first” in this.  There is pleasure in dying alive in this way. This is said to be the great sacrifice. Die with happiness in this. To die in this way is really to live. This is the true donation of life.
Concentrating your thoughts will make your elevated transformation take place at a fast speed.   

Om Shanti