Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Spiritual Army

24/05/15 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban 05/12/79

“In order to fly the flag of victory, begin the realisation course”
Today, BapDada was seeing His spiritual army. Baba saw in this army all the numberwise ranks according to their stages: the elephant riders (maharathis), the horse riders and the infantry. He saw on the foreheads, that is, in the awareness of the maharathis, flags of victory constantly flying. The horse riders, the second number, also had flags of victory flying on their foreheads, in their awareness, but they were not flying constantly. Sometimes their flags were flying on the basis of the sparkle of their happiness and the intoxication of their faith, but, at other times, because the breeze of their sparkle and intoxication was not strong, instead of flags flying, they were just hanging in one position. Those in the third number, the infantry, remained engaged in making a lot of effort to fly their flags with their string of faith and sparkle of happiness, but sometimes, because of the knots of their weaknesses, the flags would get stuck and be unable to fly. However, because they did keep themselves occupied in making a lot of effort, the flags of some of them did begin to fly, but this only happened after they had spent some time making effort. Therefore, they didn’t have that sparkle or intoxication. On seeing the children’s efforts, BapDada was giving them sakaash from a distance in the form of a signal of how to do it. Some children were able to catch His signal and become successful, but other children were so busy in making effort that they didn’t even have the time to catch the signal. Baba saw all three ranks of soldiers in this army. When everyone’s flag began to fly very well, either through the children’s labouring or easy efforts, there was the splendour of a shower of flowers of victory coming down, that is, the shower of the flowers of the revelation of the Father and the children. BapDada is now going to tell you children an easy way to make the effort that you are making.
What is the reason that the flag of victory does not fly constantly or at the right time? What is the reason that the flag  you hoist at functions does not fly at the right time? It is because you don’t rehearse beforehand. The main thing you need in order to fly the flag of victory is realisation. Start the realisation course at amrit vela. All of you speak of all these things, but it is one thing to speak about something and another thing to realise it, that is, to experience it; there is a difference in this. It is one thing to hear or say that you have all relationships with the Father, but if you were to remain absorbed in the experience or attainment of each relationship, you would easily remain beyond the atmosphere of the old world. You would then experience a different relationship for each task you carry out, and, on the basis of the co- operation you received from each of those relationships, you would remain in the experience of constant yoga. To have yoga means to take co-operation from the Father and experience the different relationships with the Father at every moment. Why do you not become such easy and constant yogis? The Father is bound to fulfil His duty of any relationship at any moment. Since the Father is giving His companionship, why do those who should take it not take it? You must experience how taking co-operation is also a form of yoga. Have you experienced what the relationship with the Father is? What the relationship with the Mother is? What the relationship with your closest Friend is? And, what the experience of the constant company of the Bridegroom is? Have you experienced all these different relationships? If you deprive yourself of experiencing even one relationship, you remain deprived throughout the whole cycle, because this is the only time of the cycle when you can receive the mine of all experiences. If not now, then never! So, check yourself to see which relationship you have as yet been unable to experience. In the same way, in the subject of knowledge, do you experience all the points of knowledge that you speak about? You speak of being spinners of the discus of self-realisation, and so on what basis do you speak of having had a vision of yourself? To have a vision means to know, and someone who knows maintains his authority of knowing about that subject. Nowadays, those who study the scriptures simply read the scriptures parrot fashion, and yet each one considers himself to be an authority of the scriptures. None of you just recites this knowledge parrot fashion, you play with it. Someone who constantly plays with it, that is, someone who churns this knowledge and becomes an embodiment of it would have the authority of this knowledge. This means that he would be constantly intoxicated about every point of this knowledge. So, do you maintain your authority of every point of knowledge, that is, do you remain in the intoxication of having experienced it? In the same way, when you speak of the different virtues in the subject of dharna, are you yourself an authority through having experienced every virtue? Are you a speaker, part of the audience or an authority? It is through this that you claim your number.
A maharathi is one who has the authority of having experienced every word. Horse-riders are those who listen and speak a great deal, but do not have sufficient authority of experience. So, what is the easy method? The lack of realisation means to lack becoming an image of experience. This is the main difference between devotion and knowledge. There, people merely speak of it, whereas here, you experience it. So, the basis of remaining a constant yogi is constantly to take the co-operation of all relationships. Become experienced! Do you understand? Attain the mine of all experiences very well. Don’t just attain a little, but attain it all. Don’t just experience two or three relationships or two or three points of knowledge, but become an embodiment of all experiences. Become a master almighty authority and your flag of victory will fly constantly high.
The Father has love for everyone. He also has love for those from Maharashtra. All of you from Maharashtra must become embodiments of all experiences. So, the speciality of Maharashtra is that you all become victorious. You are not warriors who are constantly battling hard, but those who are constantly victorious. The time for being a warrior is now over. If, even now, you still remain a warrior, you are going to become part of the moon dynasty. It is now time to become a Brahmin, to become one who is victorious. The sanskars of remaining victorious over a long period of time are needed, but there is now very little time left in which to do this. So, if you don’t fill yourselves with the sanskars of remaining victorious, you become part of the moon dynasty. Therefore, there is still time for you to change your line of fortune. Achcha.
To those who remain constantly victorious, to those who have authority by having experienced all relationships, to those who have authority by having experienced every point of knowledge, to those who have authority by having experienced every virtue, to those who have authority by having the speciality of being an ever-ready all-rounder in the subject of service, to such elevated souls who are equal to the Father, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.
BapDada meeting groups from the Maharashtra Zone:
1. The sound of happiness in the mind of someone whose intellect has total faith is: I have attained everything I needed to attain. Do you consider yourself to be full of all treasures, which means to be completely prosperous? Just as the Father is constantly full, are you just as full of all treasures as the Father? You should lack no treasure. Does the sound of ‘having attained everything that has to be attained’ emerge in your heart with great happiness? Sound through the lips cannot be constant, but the sound in the heart is always eternal. So, does this sound of having attained everything emerge in your heart? Does it emerge deep within your heart, or do you feel that you have yet to attain something or that you are still attaining something? Has the faith in your intellect become totally unshakeable? To become a child means to become one with all rights. You should never have any doubt about yourself as to whether you will become perfect or not - whether you will become part of the sun dynasty or the moon dynasty. Always have total faith in your intellect. Just as you have faith in the Father, so too, have faith in yourself. By having thoughts of weakness about yourself, you develop sanskars of weakness. Once someone becomes weak and unable to regain his health in a short time, the germs of that weakness become very strong. Similarly, you should not allow the germs of the weakness of waste thoughts to enter you. Once you do, it is very difficult to finish them off.
Whatever scenes of the drama you see, whether they are scenes of fluctuation or scenes of total stability, have faith in both types of scenes. Even in scenes of fluctuation, you should experience benefit. Your intellect should have faith to this extent. Even if the atmosphere is one that makes you fluctuate, or the problems that confront you are very intense, let your intellect still have full faith: this is what it means to be victorious. Then, on the basis of your faith, even a very heated problem will become very cool.
Even though there are different languages, all of you are still following the one direction. You all belong to the one Father, you all have the same faith in one and you all have the same destination. It is just for the sake of service that you all live in different places. If all of you were to sit in the same place, how would the service that is needed everywhere else take place? When service is completed, all of you will come to Madhuban.  Who will be able to come?  Those who have destroyed all their attachment and those whose lines of the intellect are clear. At that time, you will not be called by the telephone or telegram.  If the line of your intellect is clear, the call will reach you. The conditions all around will be such that only the train that you are to take will run; there will be no more trains after that. If the line of your intellect is clear, you will receive all the facilities that you need. Otherwise, you will become stuck somewhere or other. This is why you need to have constant yoga over a long period of time. Yoga is your armour and only those who wear their armour all the time can remain constantly safe. Your armour of remembrance is your safety dress. You mothers are intense effort-makers, are you not? Now, don’t just go and sit at home. Now, create groups and spread yourselves in all directions for service. Open centres. Next year we shall see how many centres you opened. Give everyone the message before the problems come and everyone will sing your praise a lot. Now, continue to open service centres and adopt some means of giving the message.
2. Only those with the knowledge of the drama can stop questioning: “Why?” and “What?”, and become conquerors of the elements and conquerors of Maya. Have all of you become conquerors of the elements, that is, conquerors of Maya? These five elements should not attract you, nor should the five vices wage war on you. Have you passed both the papers of defeating the elements and Maya? If you were to be given a test paper on defeating the elements, have you imbibed enough power to pass that test? You would not fluctuate, would you? To fluctuate even slightly means to fail. If you ask: “What is this?” or: “Why did this happen?”, what would the result be? If any of the problems of the elements were to attack you, even slightly, you would fail. No matter what happens, the sound that emerges from within should be, “Wah! Sweet drama!” Have you made the knowledge of the drama so firm within yourself? Or, is it that when something good happens, you say it is the drama, but when there is some upheaval, you cry out in distress? Are you so strong that you would not even think of asking what happened? As you progress further, such problems caused by the elements will occur and natural calamities will increase day by day. So, let your stage be such that there will be no upheaval, even in your thoughts. Have you become so unshakeable and immovable? If you haven’t practised defeating Maya and the elements over a long period of time, what would the result be? The paper that comes will be of one second. If you are engaged in making preparations at that time, the result will be announced. You need to practise this in order to be able to pass within a second. At that time if you are still thinking that you should have yoga or that you should sit in remembrance, the second will have passed by and you will have left your body whilst still battling. What would be the result if you leave your body whilst battling in this effort- making life? You would become part of the moon dynasty. Therefore, all of you should constantly aim to become part of the rosary of 108. If your aim is elevated, you automatically develop the necessary qualifications to attain it. Never aim to become part of the 16,000. Make effort and keep aiming to become number one.
Do all of you Shaktis remain constantly stable in the two forms: the fully adorned form that holds all weapons and the destroyer? You are not those who sometimes cry, are you? You remain constantly cheerful. You mustn’t cry even in your mind.  When you become even slightly defeated by Maya, you start to cry in your mind. Mothers should constantly dance in happiness because, from being those in whom there was no hope, you have become those in whom there is hope. The Father has made you the crown on His head, and so let there be so much happiness. Even the Pandavas become happy on seeing the mothers, because the Shaktis are the shield for the Pandavas. When the shield is strong, you will not be attacked. This is why the Pandavas should be happy to keep the mothers in front of them. If you yourselves remain at the front, you will have to experience the stick. By keeping the Shaktis at the front, you Pandavas will also be praised. To put others ahead is to allow yourself to go ahead.
3. Only those who know their own specialities become special souls. Just as children are constantly lost in the love of the Father, so the Father too is constantly absorbed in serving you children. You children have no one but the Father and the Father has no one but you children. Just as you sing the Father’s praise, so the Father too sings the praise of every child. Every day, He brings the specialities and virtues of every child in front of Him, because all those who have become the children of the Father are special souls.  So the Father also sings about the specialities of you special children.  Just as a jeweller knows the value of every jewel, similarly, the Father knows the greatness of every child. Each jewel is more elevated than the next. So, do you continue to move along whilst considering yourself to be that elevated? You are not ordinary. Even the last bead is not ordinary.  Even the last numbered bead has the speciality of recognising the Father. You are not last, but those who are going to come first. None of the numbers are fixed as yet; all the seats are empty. The whistle has not yet been blown. As soon as the whistle is blown, you will take your seat. Even those who have come last can go fast and take the first number. Apart from the seats of the mother and father, all the seats are still empty. Your fortune is now in your own hands. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune, has placed your fortune in your hands and you can make of it whatever you want. The time of the confluence age is blessed with this blessing: “You can claim as much as you want of whatever you want to whatever extent you want”. So, are you making the most of such a golden chance? No matter how much expansion there is of service, your stage has to remain stable in the essence. If you were to be given a direction to become a master seed in a second, you should become that. It should not take you any time; it is a game of a second. You make your fortune for the whole cycle in the game of a second, so create as much fortune as you want. Achcha.
May you be the lords of matter who finish any upheaval of matter with the stage of a full stop.   
The present time is the time for upheaval to increase.  In the final paper, on one side be the fearsome form of matter and on the other side the fearsome form of the five vices.  Tamoguni (impure) souls and old sanskars will all take the chance to attack in the last period.  At such a time, through the power to pack up, you need the practice of being stable, now in the corporeal stage, now in the subtle stage and now in the incorporeal stage.  Look but do not see, listen but do not hear.  When you have such a stage of a full stop, you will then become the lords of matter and be able to stop any upheaval of matter.
In order to become one who has a right to a kingdom that is free from obstacles, become a server who is free from obstacles.   

Om Shanti