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Dear daniel,
In this newsletter: Like many people, I have a tendency to beat myself up after something doesn’t work out as I had hoped. What I have learnt (it’s taken a while!!) is that it is much more productive to be self-compassionate, forgive myself, learn the lesson, and move on. This is what my first article is dedicated to.

I also share some compelling evidence (not surprisingly) that bank workerproductivity is directly linked to resilience. The facts from this research are hard to ignore.

My team of Sonja, Marc, Renee and I have been working hard to create a new brand and website that better reflects the work we are now doing. I would like to give you a sneak preview of one of the videos that we have prepared. We hope to share the new website with you soon.

If you are as passionate about R U OK? as I am, I urge you to register for 2 amazing days in Sydney (July 14) and Melbourne (July 16) to raise funds to increase the reach and impact of R U OK?. Details and registration are in the newsletter below.


Why Forgiving Failure Can Improve Your Success

“Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.”

– Theodore Roosevelt

For many of us, our natural instinct when we fail at something big or small is to launch into relentless self-criticism.

We may perceive this as the best way to regain our resolve. If we don’t give ourselves a kick, we won’t learn and we’ll never get anything done.

In fact, this approach is worse than counter-productive. If our first reaction on failure is to berate ourselves, we are actually more likely to fail again and descend into a spiral of repeating the same failures and continually feeling bad and criticising ourselves.

Find out what to do (based on research) instead by clicking here.

Study Finds Bank Worker Productivity Linked to Resilience

A recent study has found that bank workers in the top 25% of resilience and psychological health,
 were on average 30% more productive than the bottom 25%.

Whilst the results weren’t surprising, it has reinforced the case for employers to place a high priority on resilience programs and to monitor results on a regular basis.

The UK study undertaken by the Bank Workers Charity and Robertson Cooper, an employee engagement, well-being and resilience consultancy, interviewed 1300 bank employees to assess their general psychological well-being and productivity.

Click here to discover the main findings.

Advance Peak at New Short Video That Summarizes My Work

My team of Sonja, Marc, Renee, and I have been working hard 
to create new website and many more resources and information to help people to build their resilience, mood, and engagement.

For an advanced peak of what is going on behind the scenes click to view the new 2:47 minute video that outlines our work.

R U OK? events: The Art of Meaningful Conversations at Work

Why not join us for 2 extraordinary full day events?
  • Sydney, 14 July
  • Melbourne, 16 July
We have put together a program which includes some of Australia’s top speakers to discuss the compelling theme, “a conversation could change an organisation”.

The speakers include Glenn Capelli, Phil Preston, Sam Cawthorn, Avril Henry, Rachael Robertson, Julie Garland McLellan, Kamal Sarma, Aya Larkin, John Pastorelli, Josie Larkin (daughter of founder Gavin Larkin), and yours truly.

For further information and bookings click here.

Want to walk the Kokoda Track for R U OK?

Last year, my son Adam and I joined 8 others to walk the Kokoda Track to raise funds for R U OK?. I can truly say it was a life changing experience.

See Adam’s 4 minute video of this amazing adventure.

If you have ever interested in walking the Kokoda please click the link for further information and registration details. If you have further questions about the walk please feel free to ask me by replying to this email.


May you have a rejuvenating long weekend and a fulfilling week. I really appreciate everyone’s messages of encouragement and support.
Kind Regards,

Graeme Cowan is an author, speaker, and workshop facilitator who shows leaders how to build their resilience, mood, and performance and create thriving tribes. To view a short video about Graeme’s work click here. To inquire if Graeme could assist your tribe or organization please email Renee at
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